Monday, December 28, 2009

These wars need better names

And now, because I have nothing better to blog about, here is a list of some wars with dumb names.

* The Eight Saints War

* Gulgers'War

* War of Jenkins Ear

* Holy Wars of the "Mad Mullah"

* War of the Oranges

* The Pastry War

* Red Eye Brow Rebellion

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Skinny Dipper said...

Without clicking the links, these are my guesses about each war:

* The Eight Saints War--It's gotta be an Italian war. An early version of soccer/football was created on the battlefields near Florence. The only difference was that heads were used. (789-90)

* Gulgers' War--A war in Switzerland between a Franch and German canton. This took place near the the village of Gulgers/G├╝lger. (1375)

* War of Jenkins Ear--A war between two English tribes on the northeast coast of England near Newcastle. Two earlier versions of warlords battled with their armies with with George Jenkins losing his ear. (1154)

* Holy Wars of the "Mad Mullah"--The Turkish invasion of Bosnia and Herzegovina (the early version). (1548-52)

* War of the Oranges--One would think of the early US College Citrus Bowl. However, I think this war took place in both Belgium and Netherlands between Dutch-speaking Catholics and Protestants. (1697)

* The Pastry War--A war in what is now northeastern French near Strasbourg. The French and Prussians {Germans) fought over the Alsace (sp?). Pastries were not used as weapons. However, the smell of sweet bread and cakes was present in the towns and villages where the battles took place. (1294)

* Red Eye Brow Rebellion--This rebellion took place on the Isle of Ireland between two Protestant lords over the control of Dublin. Lord Barrington and Lord Bromwell both had red eye brows. Eventually, Lord Bromwell won and Lord Barrington escaped to Belfast. (1584-85)