Monday, December 21, 2009

Conservatism in Canada

Is Canada moving to the Right?

Interesting CP article on that topic (and it's not interesting just because it happens to include a quote from me!)


Anonymous said...

Tom Flanagan, as usual, makes some good points, as do you.

It's a good thing you both are not in the Harper PMO because then you would have been reciting those idiotic talking points that make thinking people cringe.

By the way, Gerry, I'm guessing you're not going to the Senate?

gimbol said...

I somewhat have to disagree that the country hasn't moved right.
The talking point is that inspite of Harper's staying power, "he" has been unsuccessful or unwilling to move the country to the right.
If that was the case explain the following.
Rae seems to think the liberals haven't captured the middle ground, and that the CPC is far right wing.
Its far right wing, but Harper has captured that middle ground?
Okay so if the middle ground is with Harper, and the liberals are saying he's too right wing, that would mean that the liberals either have to shift to what they see as right, or the nation has moved right and the liberals want to re-establish the middle ground further to the left?
Which is it?
Clearly if libs like Rae are telling us the middle ground is with the guys they think are on the far right fringe, and the guys that want to see a rightward shift (or so they say) perhaps the pundits are purposely being disengenous .

Anonymous said...

@ Gimbo: Um. What?

Anyway, Harper and the whole Right movement of Canada have basically wasted the last several years. We have extremely little to show for it. We were better of under Chretien/Martin.