Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stop the dopey stunts

Both the Liberals and Conservatives really need to tighten up their security.

After all, it seems drunken frat boys are somehow breaking into their party headquarters late at night and causing all sorts of juvenile mischief.

These delinquents, for instance, posted a tasteless doctored photo on the Liberal website of Prime Minister Stephen Harper getting assassinated a la Lee Harvey Oswald.

It must have taken quite a few beers for the kids to do something that outrageously stupid.

Meanwhile, these same mindless pranksters also managed to insert a “pooping puffin” into a Conservative Party ad. Then there's this.

If something is not done soon to stop the sophomoric punks responsible for this sort of inane activity, it’s going to reflect poorly on our political process.

Canadians might start to think the Liberals and Conservatives actually condone such childish stunts.


Alberta Girl said...

Finally we totally agree on something - on both sides.

Patsplace said...

To equate the two as being on the same plane is naive in the extreme, if not an attempt at damage control. If you can agree that ads have an impact, pooping puffins is encouraging people to train a puffin to poop on Dion's shoulder.

The other is an encouragement to murder of Canada's elected leader.

In the words of Bob Rae "Liberals have no shame."

Anonymous said...

While tasteless, this idea that the photo represents "incitement" is just so much bluster. The lady doth protest too much.

Anonymous said...

There is a BIG difference between a bird shitting on your shoulder and KILLING THE PRIME MINISTER GERRY.There should be some arrests & punishment for this type of posting.(The Assasination one ,not the puffin one).The Puffin hurts no one.The assassination of the Prime Minister is hate and should be punished.

Anonymous said...

Cute anon - so how about the picture of Dion with bullet holes around him?

Yes, I know they are supposed to be "paper holes" - kinda late in the game to be issuing talking points about that one now...

No wonder many Canadians have little respect for either party.

Anonymous said...

Canadians have NO respect only for the Liberal party.Only a few posters like you try spread the Liberal puke around .The Liberals have been anti Canadian since they became opposition.They vote against everything good that the conservatives try to pass and drag up phantom scandals every week.That is their only reason for being.Only time they vote with the Government is when they know their vote against will cause an election.Cowards all.....Oh well they sure won't be around much longer,next election will wipe the cowards out.

Anonymous said...

I love being taunted by someone hiding behind "anon"...

You the man, or woman! Way to go!

BTW, I've voted BQ and will likely continue - that should piss you off more.

drag up phantom scandals every week.

Adscam! Adscam!

They vote against everything good that the conservatives try to pass
Well, no, the Liberals have been cowards and voted with the Connie almost everytime...

As for cowards, lovely to see that Harper may prorogue... again...

Marx-A-Million said...

I am running a Stephen Harper Photoshop Contest for my fellow Liberal Bloggers.

Blame Crash said...

Way to stand and deliver for the Liberal Party of Toronto Gerry!

So you’re implying that theirs no difference between “encouraging murder” and “poking fun at someone”. And if it was YOU that was “Targeted”, you’d still feel the same?

These pictures and the “KILL HIM DEAD !!!” statements that were published in the Globe and Mail are an encouragement to commit murder. The other objective of these thug techniques is to instill fear in the “Target”, in order to wear him down.

Calling it “sophomoric” is nothing but a classic deflection contrivance. The correct description is “Criminal”

Xanthippa said...

While just about everyone with a brain has criticized the mock photo of our PM getting murdered as a 'bad thing', I have not heard any criticism of that SAME photo for casting our Prime Minister AS A MURDERER!

After all, Oswald had just murdered the most popular US president ever (well, perhaps until Obama), Kennedy, who (for some reasons I can't fanthom) is said to embody 'the American Dream' or 'Age of American Innocence'. That makes Oswald a pretty nasty guy: if he had not been murdered, he would likely have been executed.

Perhaps the MAIN 'intended message' of that photo is that Prime Minister Harper is the 'murderer' of 'The Canadian Dream' or 'The Canadian Age of Innocence' because he is refusing to parrot Chretien's line on ACC...and that he 'deserves killing' BECAUSE of this 'crime'....

By not analyzing this deeply enough, we won't truly understand the depth of 'loss of context' or 'loss of touch with reality' that some of the 'moderate' elements are truly suffering from.

Misdiagnosing a deep-seeded problem of serious 'disconnect' as 'juvenile prank' may be like a band-aid for a broken limb.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Hey Blame Crash, maybe you should lodge a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Anonymous said...

Blame Crash and others like him WANT to believe this is some sort of incitement, to further incite their hatred for the Liberals.

Blame Crash said...

What’s the “Canadian Human Rights Commission” have to do with anything I wrote?

My point was that you’re trying to give both of these situations equal weighting and they’re unquestionably not.

You attempted to minimize what the Liberals did, and elevate what the Conservatives did to being on the same level. That is the media’s “standard operating procedure” when it comes to Conservatives.

That’s what my point was.

Blame Crash said...

Anonymous @ 2:55

No, I don’t want to incite hatred of the Liberals, besides, they’re a lot better at that then I’ll ever be! What? Didn’t you see those two provincial Liberals idiots in Copenhagen as they were trying to destroy Canada by accusing Alberta of their sins? As I just said, they’re the pros when it comes to inciting hatred of themselves.

Now, the point of my original comment was that if this sort of behavior is not stood up at the blue line, it’s going to escalate into the real thing. It only takes one person to escalate this in to actual violence. Giving that person an unspoken consent by not speaking out against it will only make it more likely to happen.

Imagine if it was your picture that was used and you’ll understand the point I’m making.

Anonymous said...

Any evidence for this BC?

Blame Crash said...

My my, aren’t we a clever nony!

My first response would be to counsel you on using your own god given common sense, but unfortunately I don’t think that would suffice.

Even if I served up a delicious plate of “evidence”, you’d just wouldn’t be satisfied anyway. It’s so much easier to just sit there in your ideological stupor, tightly grasping your bottle of whine, isn’t it nony?

One last thing. Why don’t you get off your unmotivated butt and provide us with a little more effort than a vapid comment like “evidence”. What! Do I look like your slave boy?
Besides, you could use the mental exercise.