Friday, December 18, 2009

Debating Canada's reputation

Had a fun time yesterday debating former Liberal/Bloc Quebecois MP Jean Lapierre.
Our topic was Canada's reputation on the world scene when it comes to climate change.
Lapierre thought it was important that Al Gore like us.
I disagreed.
(Note my Christmas tie doesn't show up very well.)


Bec said...

I haven't had a chance to tell you how terrific you were, Gerry and thankful that it was you, doing the debating.
In fact, Jean Pierre, surprised me more than a tad as he tends to be more balanced and less ranty. Reactions like his,continue to make me ask, why have the Left and the Leftie pundits, not acknowledged that Copenhagen,IS NOT ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT.

wilson said...

What is with Quebecers?
They think it is better to 'look' like a hero than 'be' one.

Charest criticizes Alberta,
yet Alberta is the only province that has legislated targets and penalties, for ghg emissions.

Alberta is the first province, years ahead of any other,
to have commercial windfarms.

Mr. Lorne said...

You did a great job, Gerry.

Did you see this?:

Groups declare Canada world's biggest environmental offender at climate talks


COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Canada is the "Colossal Fossil" in Copenhagen.

Environmental groups bestowed the dubious accolade on Canada Friday at the United Nations climate talks.

The groups say Canada's target for reducing its greenhouse gases is "among the worst in the industrialized world" and its plan to reach its goal is "so weak that it would put even that target out of reach."

The mock honour caps a 12-day summit where Canada's image has taken a serious scuffing.

Serial pranksters The Yes Men pulled a fast one on Canada this week that shone unflattering light on the government's targets to lower greenhouse gases.

And provincial leaders, notably Quebec Premier Jean Charest, have assailed Ottawa for not doing enough to get the country's emissions under control.

Canada has faced criticism from developing countries and environmentalists who accuse the government of failing to make concessions to help reach a climate deal.

If I was Harper, I'd just leave. We don't deserve this.

wilson said...

Canada, a REAL leader in the world, wins the "Colossal Fossil" in Copenhagen.

Gerry, we need a parade to cheer on our Canadian delegates for bringing this puppy home!!

At least Harper earned his award,
can't say the same about Obama and his nobel prize.

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

Ya done good Gerry. You of counter punched a little harder though - IMHO.

There was none of this 'groundswell' when the libranos were being doofae on the enviro-file.

This mock-rage piling-on started when the libranos sent a team to Nairobi (if memory serves correctly) with the sole purpose being to harass Rona Ambrose, and to tarnish Canada's rep. on the international stage, strictly for partisan gain.

Dion did the same thing, traipsing off to Indonesia, beating the same drum, the same way. These queue-jumping yutzes Charest, McPinnochio,Miller, need to be taken down a few billion Alberta dollars per annum. THAT trip to the woodshed might give them pause for reflection and consideration.

Then again, maybe not. They all seem to like dragging Canada through the muck, if they think this behaviour might enhance their own political fortunes.

Cowardly, craven, toadying, backstabbing librano stooge opportunists. What are the chances that many of these globe-trotting, caterwauling, bed-wetting alarmists are being financed with purloined adscam monie$ for the furtherence of restoring the libranos to power?


t.e. & o.e.

L said...

Harper knows very well that the Canadians who do not belong to activist groups do not want to pay Mugabe one cent nor participate in the EU's mafia-infested carbon trading scam.

Calgary Junkie said...

Good interview Gerry !

Lapierre lost some credibility as a pundit. He came across too much as an environmental advocate.

Us Junkies all know what the players like McGuinty and Charest are doing, as far as pushing for higher ghg reduction targets. What we are looking for from guys like you and Lapierre is why they are taking these positions.

The last polls I saw out of Quebec had Marois and the PQ almost even with Charest and the Libs. Is Charest trying to neutralize the environment as a potential wedge issue by the PQ ? Lapierre surely has some insight into this kind of stuff, yet we heard nothing from him about that.

Anonymous said...

At least Harper earned his award,
Only a Conservative would cheer earning the "worst at"...

I bet you were one of the kids that hated getting grades and were happy at the reforms were everyone passes...

Here's an idea, why don't we do away with all schooling (and save money) and we could win the "stupditest" developed nation - I can see you getting behind that Wilson...

Anonymous said...

oh look, I adore hearing the shrieking from some, they always include "Adscam" for some reason...

BTW, Charest is a Liberal in name only... he was a Federal Conservative after all...

Anonymous said...

There may be hope for you yet. If only you would quit taking cheap 'holier than thou' shots at Mr. Harper on fiscal policies.

frmgrl said...

Thank-you, Gerry. You said what needed to be said.

Kadam said...

I enjoyed that, I was 'hey look its my buddy Gerry and he's speaking up and making sense on CTV'

Hard to do, but you did it well, and in that little moment hit home to people that this is about economy just as much as its about the environment. The other pundit realized you had re-framed it, and belatedly tried counter your line of thought, but it was too late and all he accomplished was to reinforce to viewers that it was economic.

You told the truth and I hope you got some of the non-partisan to realize it.

Now I send this as I hear the Obama has saved Copenhagen himself.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see at least one pundit in Canada calling out Copenhagen for what it is. A massive transfer of wealth scheme. I liked the remark about trying to be Al Gore's friend.

LaPierre was really emotionally flustered. I could hear him in the background when you were talking about the economy. Guess once a liberal always a liberal.

Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Northern hemisphere temperature reconstructions for the past 2,000 yearsThe Medieval Warm Period (MWP) or Medieval Climate Optimum was a time of warm climate in the North Atlantic region, lasting from about AD 800–1300. It was followed by a cooler period in the North Atlantic termed the Little Ice Age. The MWP is often invoked in discussions of global warming. Some refer to the event as the Medieval Climatic Anomaly as this term emphasizes that effects other than

Unknown said...

hahaha! Unleash hungry polar bears on the green protesters. You rock sir. Great interview.

Kadam said...

Polar bears... I actually couldn't believe you got that one out there and no one went crazy. Though they seemed uncomfertable, lol

maryT said...

Copenhagen was nothing but an attempt to turn Canada into a Zimbabwe. If we stop producing who will finance their UN lifestyle.
Wasn't Rhodesia once called the breadbasket of Africa. Look at it now. Does Mugabe want our money to get his country back to what it was before he took over.
By the look of those protesters, none are old enough to know that Rhodesia once existed.
Maybe someone should ask Lizzie about that, as she supports those dictators.