Wednesday, December 16, 2009

McGuinty deserves credit

A couple of weeks ago, I had some nice words on this blog concerning Liberal MP Bob Rae.

Well as if that's not strange enough, I know find myself congratulating Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.

It seems the premier is considering the idea of privatizing certain provincial assets as a way to raise money for his cash-strapped government.

The fact that a lefty-Liberal like McGuinty is even considering privatization is pretty newsworthy and he deserves credit for putting it on the table.

Of course, only time will tell if he actually does place government agencies on the auction block.

I hope he does.

Then I hope he rolls back his plethora of nanny-state decrees.

Hey a guy can dream, can't he?


Kevin said...

The proof will be in the way it is done. Do we want an LCBO run by a private corporation with a 99 year monopoly on the distribution of alcohol?

Anonymous said...

Right. Sell the family jewels like Hydro Quebec did by selling some of the reservoir rights.

I would normally be for this, but I think the Ontario government is just desperate and greedy. They are already going to get lots of more money with the tax harmonization, though less than they think, given the dead hand of more taxes.

Anonymous said...

Gerry, what's wrong with you? Bob Rae AND Dalton McGuinty?

Do you feel alright? Do you have to lie down?


Blame Crash said...

What? Now you're prepared to start singing the praises of McGuinty on the flimsiest of pretenses.

Now that's hardly what you’d call unexpected or surprising.

Your “Love” for these types, just radiate off of the screen.

Anonymous said...

Any government that moves towards a greater free-market role deserves to be loved for that.
Unfortunately, I've heard conflicting accounts in this regard.

AToryNoMore said...


Can't agree with selling off assets that make money.

It is not good to sell off things like utilities, even though LCBO is not really a utility.

Does the LCBO make money?

People can't have it both ways wanting a reduction in taxes and at the same time ask government for increased services.

I think I need to get out of here. Some place more financially stable like, well, I don't know where.

Where will it all end?

Where are the leaders with vision?

Who is driving the bus on this stuff?

How did we get in this mess?

The absolute agony of it all!