Monday, June 08, 2009

What's on those tapes

Everyone is getting all excited about what's on that mysterious audiotape.

You know the tape I mean, the one which allegedly recorded Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt making some sort of embarrassing comments.

Well, I am pretty sure what's on that tape.

In fact, I bet the transcript will look something like this:

Raitt: Will you please hand me the top secret binder, you know the one which I'm not supposed to lose.

Aide: Binder? I don't have that binder? I thought you had it.

Raitt: Well, I don't have it either. Oh well no matter. I'm sure it will turn up when we aren't looking for it.

Aide: Yeah. Ha, ha.


Michael said...


Radioactive leaks, cancer going untreated, people dying: SEXY!

Anonymous said...

The comments were relatively innocuous, although uncalled for. However, they did provide that babbling fool McGuinty an opportunity to display that he is just as stupid as his brother.
As for Ms. MacDonnell; I hope she has ten or twenty spare sets of car keys since she can't seem to remember where she leaves things. I understand she is applying to CISIS as a courier for national security documents.

jckirlan said...

So once the Liberal plant, Jasmine MacDonnell, is removed from her position there will be room for you to move your fith column right in Jerry.
Conservative indeed.

Anonymous said...

I think the real story here is that Michael Ignaiteff decided to prop up the Harper government because he was threatened with retaliation by the CEOs of three major banks from the Canadian Council of Chief Executives.

Good to know where he's getting his marching orders!

Anonymous said...

Message to jckirlan:

I will say this again, so please pay attention. When someone criticizes the Conservative party or the PM it does not make you a liberal. Nor does it make you a mindless sheep.

I'm talking to you jckirlan (and treb) Baaah, Baaah.