Monday, June 29, 2009

Police should do their job

What is it about strikes which make the police suddenly forget to do their job?

For instance, it's the duty of a police officer to ensure citizens can travel freely without fear of harassment or intimidation.

Yet, for some reason the police typically do nothing to stop such harassment and intimidation from taking place on a picket line.

A case in point is the current city-worker strike in Toronto. Strikers are hindering citizens from entering public spaces and the police won't do a thing about it except watch.

Police Const. Tony Vella says the cops are there to "keep the peace. They have to stay neutral."


By doing nothing to stop union-bullying the police are far from neutral. They are actually aiding and abetting union bosses who wish to hold taxpayers hostage.

That's wrong.

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Anonymous said...

If Police would do their job who would eat the donuts?