Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Voter discretion is advised

Transport Minister John Baird is in hot water for suggesting Toronto city officials could "f_ _ k off".

I don't know.

Seems to me Baird is just saying what a lot of taxpayers are thinking.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Nicholls,

To maintain you professionality, could you either provide a link or reference a proper source to the quote.

I know that you are quite divisive in some circles, but since your posts are being placed on the BT blog roll it would help you must if you could cource your blogs better so we can properly read the source, so that we can have an honest discussion on these issues.

bigcitylib said...

As one Torontonian, I think that the portion of Canada West from the Manitoba border to the rockies can get blown. Alberta can get blown twice.

Jeff said...

Seems to me alot of taxpayers come from Toronto.

scanoo said...

may agree - but not verified it was actually said - put Fife on the case - that would free up his elegibility for that job on the star he is looking for
BCL knows a lot of blowin in the wind - certainly alberta knows when it has been blown

Anonymous said...

typical. the feeling is mutual I'm sure. Bunch of snivelling whining greaseball socialists. BTW, please offer us an example where socialism has been a roaring success. Didn't think so. f*?k off

Rural and Right said...

He couldn't have said it better in Millers Silly Socialist Psudo-Utopia.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Northern Raven: Link added.

Big City Lib: Is that the new Liberal campaign slogan?

Jeff: I think lots of TO taxpayers are fed up with Mayor Miller.

MrEd said...

a former Torontonian now BCer Toronto can go ^%#$ itself...

Yes you have 5 million people there and in the surrounding area... but you have no idea what grief you and you're kind causing Canada by continuing to vote in people like Chow, Iggy, Duception, that guy who looks like the Jeopardy game show host Talaban Jack and their ilk... Vancouver's no better with it's own "Burning crosses in Prince George." (most Torontonians won't get that Headley Fly reference)

Canada is a hell of alot bigger then Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver....but those are the only places across the nation where Liberals and No Damn Planer's seem to be able to get elected... there and the over seated Atlantic provinces where spoiled little rich kids can afford to run ABC campaigns because they think it'll get them a larger voice in the house of commons...hmmm...no seats Danny...how's that working out for you?

If you want to be part of Canada pick up a map or go look at google earth...there are 3 ocean's most Torontonians will never see... There are Ice fields and Rockey mountains, there are great plains...North of you is cottage country which is worth a visit in the fall even if only to drive up to Gravenhurst, Huntsville, North Bay or Sudbury for the drive when the leaves turn, and there is clean air almost everywhere but Toronto...

Toronto is already getting 1.2 BILLION separate from the 300+ million the rest of Ontario will see... I think telling your guy begging for more money to F%^$ Off was actually the most polite responce he deserved

Wonder Woman said...

As a solid 905er, I have to agree. The denizens of Milleristan are a gaggle of griping, grasping creatures with no concept of a world outside of their own narrow, feeble little socialistic eco-cesspit...perfect for a bigcitylib-er, I'd say.

Brian said...

Toronto Mayor Miller , the endless socialist whiner , deserves even more politically incorrect epithets !


"... The newspaper reporter heard Baird say Toronto was the only municipality not to meet requirements for submissions for federal cash and that the city was "bitching at us."

The Star said he then added: "They should f--- off." ..."

Anonymous said...

Wow! Pierre Trudeau and John Baird of the same ilk...telling people to f*&# off. Nice.
I knew there was something I like about Baird. billg

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

At least Baird had the rocks to admit to what he said.

Not so, the late unlamented St. Pierre, who (a) hid behind a nasally-whined "...O, no...whot I really said was Fuddle Duddle..." Typically, PetBoy was a Nazi sympathizer during WWII then shifted his allegiances to far left totalitarian statist rabble.

Another time, another place: When train-riding Pet flipped the bird at western voters, and just before pirouetting away with a rose between his teeth, he hid behind (b) an even more nasally-whined "...O, no...whot really happened was that I'd been digging for boogers and merely wiped my finger on the window, at a most inopportune moment, dear boy..."

Baird has got the 'nads. So too it seems, does Minister Raitt. They take their lumps.

However -- Pierre? With 'nads? Not so much!! He was just a lump of a hump. Not much more.

BTW Trudeau wouldn't qualify to hold Baird's coat in a pissing contest. There is no way Pierre comes anywhere close to measuring up to John Baird.


t.e. & o.e.

Anonymous said...

I always wonder about giving infrastructure money to cities such as Toronto and Montreal because a lot of the money just ends up helping unions. The unions see the new money coming in and just ask for more money in salary demands.

Anonymous said...

Nice comments from Toronto's bloggers.

Toronto's self importance and the elitism of a good portions of it's citizens are nauseating.

I almost hope that in the next election Quebec and and the ridings of the GTA deliver Count Iggy to power so that the West can get to business forming a country without these insufferable socialist whiners.

KURSK said...

What has Toronto done for the Conservatives except line up at the counter with it's hand out?

It wants the Conservative govt to give them money, but actively campaigns against or is unfriendly towards them.

Not one Conservative was elected in T.O.

Why the hell should Conservatives care about them? They should feel damn grateful they get a dime from the feds.

The best part is how Torontonians vote election after election for Liberals on the promise they will get the waterfront done.Then, every time after the election they neglect Toronto as they know they have them in the bag.

How's that waterfront coming along after the last 30 years..work in progress I guess?

I grew up in downtown Toronto and it sickens me to see so many leftists around my area.All sheep.The Liberals can steal money from them till the cows come home, but Stephen Harper..oh no, he's 'scary'

Just being honest said...

Wait a minute. Give me time to work up some false-offense. . . He said what !? That's, that's . . . No, sorry, no matter how hard I try, I just can't get worked up about it. The center of the universe will have to pay for its own damn streetcars.

big city girl said...

I thought that, in Toronto at least, that was David Miller's middle name.