Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Michael Ignatieff's true colour


Reid said...

I would think a yellow flag would be more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

isn't that the French Army's flag ?

Old School Liberal said...

So he should have plunged us into an election?

wilson said...

Maybe add a token Blue stipe
to acknowledge the
Blue ribbon panel on EI....

No, Old School,
he should not have THREATENED to plunge the country into an election,
over a coalition of losers EI 360 proposal,
that he was going to abandon anyways!

Iffy did not have to threaten an election to get the Prime Minister's ear...
all he had to do was ask for a meeting to talk policy,
something He said he has not done since the budget in January.

And the media are sick and tired of this Seinfeld news conferences.

ridenrain said...

You're all being so negative...
Iggy fought hard to get self employed people, like Ontario health consultants, out on EI.
Sure.. The Conservatives were already doing that, but that's not what the media will say.

That picture also shows the scale of the hill that Iggy was fighting over.

Tym_Machine said...


Very funny.

By the way, do you know why they have roads with trees on each side in France?

Answer: To make shadows for the invading German armies.