Friday, June 12, 2009

Harper loves Obama

It's bad enough that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is racking up massive deficits in this country, but now he's also acting as an apologist for American president Barack Obama's stimulus insanity.

Speaking on Fox News, Harper declared:

"We need stimulus spending now, and I say that as a conservative ...When the house is on fire . . . you have to bring the hoses and spray water all over it, you can't worry about the basement ... The reality is, the fiscal situation in the United States is very worrisome, but that said, President Obama came into office with a deep structural deficit position, at a time when fiscal stimulus is actually required economically."

If that's speaking as a conservative I wouldn't want to hear him speak as a liberal.


JDot said...

Ya, b/c if he was Liberal you would be so upset if the Canadian PM would poke the US admid in the eyes. B/c that would help with buy America..

Wow, your a idiot, I guess the PM of Canada cursing America policy is good/bad depending on what tribe you claim to be With....

But hey it is asmusing watching someone who bitched about liberals hating on Bush and Pissing off are largests trading partener.

But then again someone who calls themselsves a fiscal conservative who has never had to run nothing, this makes sense..

Geryy no offence, but it must be nice to call yourself a fiscal conservaive, but never have to manage a payroll....

But hey you once work for Harper LMFAO.

Gerry Nicholls said...


Get a dictionary.

Blame Crash said...

Hey Gerry, would you of preferred he go on US television and lambaste Comrade Zero?

Do you think that the Prime Minister just might have been thinking about Canada’s political and economic interests when he said what he said? Why has it not dawned on you that the Prime Minister of Canada job is to do just that. Why do you think that he was elected to be the Prime Minister of the Conservative Party?

You just don’t get it do you. Every post you make is just another cheap shot that isn’t worth a wooden nickel.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Gerry, one thing for sure. You'll never be Prime Minister. It requires the proper combination of diplomacy and sound fiscal management.

You may have the latter but certainly not the former.

Anonymous said...

i have to think that he is merely placating to this administration. it is no secret this is by far the most fascist regime in american history but until we have a new partner to trade 60% of our product AND ensure security (merely due to their own interests admittedly) we have no choice but to somewhat kowtow to this horrible regime. the light at the end of the tunnel is that the way that he is running that country he'll be a one termer, unless ACORN mobilizes names from the cemetary in the next election.

to JDot, fiscal conservatism would work if it were not for uneducated whiners in this country. plunging ourselves into debt, debasing the dollar, and extending social program spending to the brink is never in the country's best interests, just the ones who rely on government to do everything for them.

Gerry Nicholls said...

So let me follow the logic:

a) The proper place to carry out diplomacy is on TV.

b)Diplomacy requires you offer unqualified praise of the foreign leader's policies no matter how harmful they may be.

c) Does this mean if Harper were to appear on Venezuelan TV he would be required to praise the economic policies of Hugo Chavez.

d) I hope Harper never appears on Iranian TV.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I wonder what the National Citizens Coalition will say when they hear this.

Anonymous said...

to gerry;

correct me if im wrong but i dont think we have most of our trade with venezuala or iran, we dont share military defense with them nor do we even share the same values.

keeping that regime happy for the next four years is unfortunately our only chance at economic recovery. i would love however to draw the line at the cap and trade, by far the worst lefty idea ever. stall tactics on this issue would be nice until a new administration could be installed.

brad maynard

Gerry Nicholls said...

So much for Harper being a "strong leader."

From now on I guess whenever Obama says "jump" Harper will say "how high" on the way up.

JDot said...

Gerry get a Job...

But fair point, my spelling sucks, but my bank account well....LMFAO

But I do wish I was in your shoes somtimes, a nobody who people did not depend on. Must be nice, but I will just keep it moving, and keep laughing at your dumba$$.

JDot said...

Anonymous said...

"to JDot, fiscal conservatism would work if it were not for uneducated whiners in this country. plunging ourselves into debt, debasing the dollar, and extending social program spending to the brink is never in the country's best interests, just the ones who rely on government to do everything for them."


Um worrying about, "uneducated whiners in this country" just proves you are no different.

I am good, my buissnes is a great story.

I am frankly living the dream right now.

So go ahead get into your acdemic debate it just prove that those who do, do, those that don't, well they regergatate lame rants...

Anonymous said...

i have to say that unfortunately i agree with you, but when you occupy the inferior position, management of the one-sided compromise is about the best we can do. i mean where else to we go? europe despite the recent elections is still a socialist "heaven" and south america is too new to our trade relationship. china? its the future but there are just too many differences in moral values to truly connect with them like we do with american business. obama is satan, no question, but we have to manage the situation. after all with the popularity of obama even in this country, we do not need iggy taking advantage of this and we end up with leftist harvard leaders who want to use their respective countries as a philisophical piece for their personal portfolios.

brad maynard

KURSK said...

Gerry, why are you on Blogging Tories?

You seem to have a burr under your saddle regarding PM Harper...

If you don't like him, leave, and peddle your wares elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

You see Gerry, When you are the Prime Minister of Canada, and you have a problem with the U.S. administration, the correct thing to do is to express that problem directly to the administration, not at a TV talk show.

The Right Honorable Stephen Harper seems to be doing rather well with the diplomatic thingy.
Witness the glowing press from abroad whenever he attends conferences.
As far as monetary policy goes, Would you have isolated yourself and your country from the rest of the world?
You see Gerry, We are an exporting nation, we need to sell goods to the the world.
Lets argue for a moment that Mr. Harper went to a G-20 meeting and said- We are not going to have any stimulous spending.
The rest of the G-20, being in much worse financial shape than Canada would have felt disadvantaged and immediately put trade sanctions in place.
You see how it works Gerry?
We dont live in a vaccuum for God's Sake.
Man, I am getting tired of the one-sided crap.

Anonymous said...

I think fiscal conservatives should be very concerned about what Harper is saying. Has he gone mad? Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jdot:

I pity anyone unfortunate enough to be in your employ. You spell at the level of a fourth grader, which makes me wonder about your math skills.

The thought of you managing a payroll makes me laugh and cringe.

Go back to school, learn how to spell, then come back and make a sensible contribution to this blog.