Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tuns Vs Taylor

Author/journalist Paul Tuns is one of the most level-headed and intelligent guys I know.

And I have never really seen him angry.

But right now, he is pretty angry at Stephen Taylor. In fact, Paul gives a flogging to the Blogging Tories on the question of free speech.


Unknown said...

As someone who has been attacked for "not allowing free speech" on my blog before, I feel the need to stick up for the BT on this one.

Not allowing certain things that could get you sued (or that will hurt your relationships with your sources, or you just find offensive) on your aggregator (or on your blog, or your lawn for that matter) is not an infringement on free speech.

If Stephen Taylor was lobbying the government to not allow people to re-post anything that provoked the wrath of the CHRC, then we could talk about Taylor vs. Free Speech, but as it stands he's simply stating what he's allowing on his website.

Everyone is free to go off and post to their own, non-Blogging-Tories blog and write whatever the hell they want, and be responsible for any legal battles they enter as a consequence themselves.

I could see two arguments against this: one is that BT is supposed to speak for the members of the CPC, but that would assume that there is free speech for members of the CPC when they are representing the CPC. To these people I say, "HA!" And suggest they take a good long look at the Conservative Party of Canada.

The other argument is that Blogging Tories allows people to reach a much wider audience, and if they have to work from their blog alone they won't have the readership they enjoy at BT. To these people I say, "Tough." Agree with Taylor or not, you don't have a right to the benefits his site offers - property rights, folks. He pays the bills, he calls the shots.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Just so everybody knows, I was not taking sides on this.

And I think what you say Janet makes sense. Taylor should be concerned about the legal issues and the bottom line is, it's his site.

Perhaps my only comment is that all too often conservatives don't put up enough of a fight to oppose bad laws, that we accept them too meekly.

I think that was the point Paul Tuns was trying to make.

Unknown said...

So you're saying we need more rich libertarians so that we can fight the good fights more often?

I concur! In fact, you can sign me up to be one of those who would fulfill this important role.