Thursday, August 16, 2007

Soupcoff on Bernier

I mentioned a few posts ago, about how our new Foreign Affairs Minister, Maxime Bernier, was the star of the Harper cabinet.

Seems like National Post editor Marni Soupcoff also has a high opinion of this man.

In a Post editorial today, Marni writes of Bernier as: "Someone who had entered politics for the right reasons -- to defend his ideals and promote freedom ... This was someone who couldn't have known the prize (if a Cabinet position is to be considered a prize) that awaited him, but stuck his neck out just the same."

And she adds:

"Do I think that Maxime Bernier will ultimately have the ability to single-handedly overcome the Leviathan of our bloated government? Sadly, no. Stephen Harper has proven a good example of how the assumption of power inevitably bends and stretches once firmly held ideals. And physics seems to dictate that the greater the power, the bendier those ideals become.
But as a man who got into government because he wanted to promote liberty, rather than himself, Bernier should at least cause far less harm than most of his peers."

Actually it's kind of a sad commentary on today's political scene that the best we can hope for is that our leaders "cause far less harm" than their peers.

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