Friday, August 17, 2007

Comrade Jack

One of the tactics left-wing politicians like to use to attack Prime Minister Stepehen Harper is to suggest he is a "George Bush clone."

They do this, I suppose, because both Bush and Harper are, at least nominally, conservatives.

So fair is fair. If it's OK to call Harper a Bush clone, it should also be alright to label NDP leader Jack Layton a "Hugo Chavez clone".

Chavez, the soon-to-be dictator of Venezuela, like Layton is a socialist.

So if Layton ever becomes Prime Minister here is what he will do if he follows the Chavez model:

* Change the constitution to allow himself to assume the role of "president for life".

* Shut down the country's private media.

* Expropriate private property on a massive scale.

* Nationalize oil companies.

* Set up alliances with terrorist-supporting regimes.

* Form deep friendship with Sean Penn.

All hail Chariman Jack!


NB taxpayer said...

Now that's a post I wish I had wrote. Awesome!

Anonymous said...


I recently read your article, "Free at last wherever I am." I am embarassed to say that I found this article "mind expanding."

As you, I have become acutely aware of the deficits of the current Harper government -- the continual bait and switches, the secrecy, the message control, the lies, etc.

It is true that the previous Liberal government was corrupt, but this Neo one is secretive, untrustworthy and on current levels, just plain scary.

Like you, I honestly believe that all governments essentially become forces of coercion that limit individual freedoms of CITIZENS... This present "conservative" government has done nothing but further reinforce this belief. Any few mentions of "freedom" seems to refer to CORPORATE freedoms.

If we are to all survive on this small planet and face the massive challenges ahead, I believe that independent, HONEST, "free" thinkers like yourself are what is required. Dialogue between those with differing opinions is required -- not Civitas society style message control.

Both the Liberals and "Canada's Neo Government" offer us nothing more than bigger governments and more attempts to bribe us with our own money.

Maybe, I, too, am "free at last wherever I am." It's a great feeling. Good luck with the Libertarian conference this week.

To those people who recently labelled me a "turncoat," "a liberal," "brain damaged," "a conspiracy theorist," I would offer this:

I didn't change my conservative beliefs, you guys did.

The "None of the above" party for Government... It might just be crazy enough to work. Please keep up the excellent writing!

Brian said...

Jack could develop a new line of clothes that we would have to wear:

Hugo Buzz.

Unknown said...

Your next post should be on what would happen if Lake Superior were to be suddenly filled with delicious butterscotch pudding.

I estimate both are equally as likely.