Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My steel bar generates headlines

My adventures with the "mysterious" steel bar is making me a celebrity.

Check out this story in the Oakville Beaver entitled, "Sky is Falling on Oakville resident".

Next step: Work out a book deal, then a movie.


NB taxpayer said...

You sure this isn't just you testing to see how far a red herring can actually fly. lol

Anonymous said...

the bar is for tightening the straps on a flatbed truck.Some trucker left the bar on the bed and obviously it fell off. I drove flatbed for years and lost a couple of "bars". Pull over any flatbed, show them your Oakville beaver story and watch them laugh
Wes Morden

Anonymous said...

I;ve seen these flatbed bars but i've never seen them fly through the air. you must live under an overpass if this crashed on your roof.