Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nice Words

Got a wonderful e-mail about my column that ran in the Sun Media chain yesterday.

Here's part of it:
As a former citizen of totalitarian state, I found your column in today's Toronto Sun rather refreshing, to say the least. I feel that it should be a compulsory reading for every Canadian of voting age, no exceptions . . . thank you for your realistic view of Canada, as it is right now and for your courage to say so.


Anonymous said...

A citizen who previously lived in a "totalitarian state"... Those are pretty strong words! Albeit, somewhat fitting for "Canada's Neo Government."

Can anyone truly be free in a Straussian state where the government's policy is based on noble lies to attempt to construct a majority government based on the whims of the day?

Matt said...

Gerry, are you telling me your column ran in the Toronto Sun as well?

Gerry Nicholls said...

Yes, it actually ran in the entire Sun media chain: Edmonton Sun, Calgary Sun, Toronto Sun, London Free Press, Winnipeg Sun.