Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ken McDonald RIP

A true hero for freedom has passed away.

Ken McDonald died on August 20, aged 93 years.

He led a remarkable life. A bomber pilot with the RAF during World War II, Ken travelled the world first in his capacity with the military than as an executive with a commerical airline.

But to me what made Ken so remarkable was his unshakeable committment to fighting for freedom -- whether that meant fighting the Nazis abroad, or Pierre Trudeau's socialism at home.

Not content to simply sit back and watch Trudeau ruin his country, Ken -- at an age when most men retire -- battled socialism with his pen.

He wrote several best-selling books exposing and opposing the Truduea agenda, including the Red Maple, Keeping Canada Together and The Monstrous Trick.

Ken was also one of the founders of the National Citizens Coalition, where he edited and wrote the group's newsletters from 1975 until 1989. That's how I knew him.

The last time I talked to Ken was just after the NCC fired me. He called to express his shock at what had happened and to offer me whatever help he could.

Ken McDonald was a true gentleman of the old school. They don't make them like that anymore.

I will miss him.


rondi adamson said...

So if you go to this guy's funeral, will you get to say "hi" to all your NCC friends? (o:

Gerry Nicholls said...

Well, actually nobody at the NCC alerted me to this news. So I guess it must have slipped their minds. Luckily I friend called to tell me.

So yeah, maybe I will go to the funeral.

I am sure the NCC gang would love to see me!

Anonymous said...

Very sad news. I also had a great amount of respect for Ken, and was honoured to publish a piece he wrote for my now-defunct publication, From The Right. He was a nice man, highly intelligent and - as Gerry mentioned - a true freedom fighter. I will miss him, too.