Sunday, July 09, 2006

Not So Smart Meters

Toronto Sun business columnist Linda Leatherdale quotes me in her Money column today.

She is talking about Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's plan to put "smart meters" in people's homes to measure their energy usage.

Here's my quote:

"Maybe instead of putting smart meters in people's houses, we taxpayers should put a tax meter at Queen's Park, so we can track government waste."


rondi adamson said...

There really is no pun, or turn of phrase, too cute or hokey for you, is there, Gerry?

Anonymous said...

Nice of Linda to relay John Tory's warnings about the McGuinty government's Orwellian atrocities. Nothing new there...lots of media columnists do likewise.

Why didn't she include, in her column, John Tory's alternate, detailed plans and proposed (distinguishably different?) policies regarding Ontario's energy supply and delivery? Now THAT would be telling us something we didn't already know!

Anonymous said...

Why would Tory unveil his policies now? That would indeed be very stupid political strategy. Given that the Dalton gang appears to be making their strategy up as they go along when their promises continue be broken, I think the Tory camps playing their cards close and letting the layers peel of the Liberal onion very nicely.