Friday, July 07, 2006

Left-Wing Council Picking On Me

That group of left-wing dinosaurs also known as the Council of Canadians, is describing the Civitas organization as a “group of Canadian conservatives that includes Harper’s Chief of Staff Ian Brodie, Campaign Manager Tom Flanagan, and National Citizens Coalition Vice-President Gerry Nicholls.”

Now I don’t mind being lumped into such august company, but why is the Council of Canadians picking on me? I mean there are hundreds of other conservatives who belong to Civitas.

Maybe left-wingers find me scary or something. Maybe they saw this picture of me in my cool shades.

Anyway, the Council probably won't like my comments which appeared in the Sun Media today on the question of respecting taxpayer dollars.

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Monkey Loves to Fight said...

Interesting read. I don't think the government should listen to either the Council of Canadians or Republican pollster Frank Luntz. Both are too extreme albeit on different ends of the spectrum. Governments should govern based on pragmatism, not rigid ideology. There is nothing wrong with being right wing or left wing on certain issues, but one should not blindly follow any ideology.