Sunday, July 23, 2006

McQuaig the Sadist

Left-wingers like to portray themselves as compassionate, so why is it they seem to truly enjoy torturing logic?

Take Linda McQuaig, who in a column in today's Toronto Star chains poor logic to a rack and stretches it to the limit.

McQuaig, you see, blames Prime Minister Stephen Harper for putting Canadians in harm's way.

What did Harper do?

Well, the Prime Minister didn't call for a ceasefire.

"Instead," writes McQuaig, "he did the opposite. He defended Israel's bombing, calling it a 'measured' response — a description he refused to withdraw even after a Canadian family vacationing in Lebanon was killed by an Israeli bomb. This amounted to giving encouragement to a foreign army whose actions were directly endangering the lives of Canadians, and tens of thousands of others."

Now does McQuaig really and truly believe the Israelis or the Hezbollah would stop shooting because the Prime Minister of Canada called for a ceasefire?

Talk about delusional.

Also delusional, is that McQuaig seems to believe that by supporting Israel, Canada is somehow failing to show fairness or moderation.

Seems to me that supporting Israel is both fair and moderate, when you consider its opponents in this instance are a bunch of neo-Nazi, terrorist, thugs.

But I am being logical.

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