Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cool Shades

Check out my new "assassin" shades.

Now not only am I one of the "top five political minds the country," I am also one of the coolest.

I also need a shave.


Anonymous said...

You look like a young(er) Tim Robbins.

TonyGuitar said...

Testing free speech...

Ok, enough time slacking off. Here*s some thought shots for grey brains on idle. Talk like that could put hair on the balls of your feet. Be careful!

North Korea*s Kimmy NutDong is getting away too much press for pouting and shaking his playpen.

That*s not to detract from a good post though.

Nutcase ** Madmud Almondjeans** is the real problem here and Lebanon is the potential flashpoint.

If radical Islam is to be supressed in favour of a more honest, humane and fair practice of the faith, moderates will have to choose and support a wholesome and moderate leader.

There has so far been no leader mentioned who could counter-balance Osama or Muctada al-Sadr... bloodthirsty killers.

I asked commentors at:

who that leader could be and got one possible answer, but can not find much info on him.

Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani .. Ever heard of him?

Seems Hamas is a faint second string when Hezbollah is around and they are all over South Lebanon on the North Islraeli border.

Agents of Iran. Guess **Madmud Almondjeans** is looking for a fight preferably over Lebanon and not over his home base, Iran. TG