Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I Get Fan Mail

It looks like I made a new fan. Check out this email I got yesterday:

Last night I happened to hear some of your gibberish on the Mike Smith show, CKNW980 Vancouver. Of course, I was instantly blown away by your humbleness - such a self-effacing, modest person you seem to be. It certainly made me wonder about your age.

Anyway, I seem to have understood you saying money spent on weapons and war is OK, in fact good for the country, but spending on social programs is not. That is, it's good for Canada to invest in killing people, but it's not OK to invest in programs that enhance the lives of Canadians. Sure, I can see the first option puts a lot of money into the hands of the munitions manufacturers, mostly in the U.S. I guess, but, seriously Gerry, It's troubling to hear of someone like yourself holding such a limited vision for Canadian society.

Yes, I must admit, I am modest – which is difficult when you are one of the “top five political minds in the country.”

As far as spending money on weapons goes, well it seems to me such spending does “enhance the lives of Canadians,” in that it helps stop terrorists from killing them.

But hey that’s just my “limited” view.

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