Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Whatever Day

I would love to wish everybody out there a Happy Canada Day!!

I would love to but I can’t. I can’t because I just absolutely hate the name “Canada Day” for our national holiday.

It’s so boring, so generic, so blandly politically correct.

David Menzies makes a case in today’s National Post for bringing back the name “Dominion Day” which the Trudeau government scrapped in 1982.

He notes: "Dominion is synonymous with independence, freedom and free association."

You can even contact David and order “Dominion Day” or “anti-Canada Day” buttons for $10.00 a pair.

However, I don’t think Dominion Day will ever make a comeback because the vast majority of Canadians probably don’t even have a clue that Canada really is a Dominion or what Dominion means.

Maybe instead we could rename the July 1 holiday to something like “Confederation Day”. At least that has some sense of historic significance.

Oh well, no matter what you call it, I hope everybody has a nice long weekend.


Anonymous said...

Confederation Day, eh? Not bad..

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

The fact you right wingers are bashing the name of our national holiday really says something. You know if you guys weren't always bashing Canada, you might have more credibility.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

Stephen, it was changed since we are no longer a dominion, but a country. A dominion means you cannot get any laws passed without the approval of Westminster and thankfully those days are gone. Always praising the United States and bashing Canada is part of the reason Canadians are turned off by neo-conservatism. One can be a conservative and still a proud Canadian.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

Canada like Australia was referred to a dominion until 1931 when the statute of Westminster was passed. Besides if it was from the Bible all the more reason not to use the term as we are a multicultural society not a Christian society.

As for neo-cons, I am simply pointing out many neo-cons spend a lot of time bashing Canada and praising the United States. Most Canadians aren't anti-American, but they don't wish to become more American and always bashing Canada and praising the Americans is one way to gain little support from the public.

TonyGuitar said...

Yes, celebrate a free lifestyle in a free country.

Americans... please note.

Do not be offended. There is no general dislike of US citizens in Canada.

There is a mistaken thought on the part of the Liberal Party of Canada that Bush bashing gives them that independent feisty quality that Canadians love to vote for.

The 1820s have long gone and the combative dislike for American musketeers has long dissipated as well.

Please pay no attention to a disgraced and defeated Liberal Party of Canada.

I worry that the Liberals may fade away completely. We do need them to split the vote of our National Dipstick Party.

The NDP are a sort of socialist / communist mix who would provide every citizen with every service for free. All free services would be paid out of corporate profits and our natural resources.

We would all become 450 pound state dependants until the economy crashed. Then we would all enjoy going straight, living on bread and water until we got used to working again. Utopia! TG

TonyGuitar said...

All we need now is for millions of reasonable Muslims to denounce their fundamentalist minority and support the tolerance that all must adopt for a decent world.

Supporting a wise and worldly leader would be a breath of fresh air.

How much time do you decent Muslims require? I know you are there... we*ve met.

I thought you guys should have this under way by now, and then, last night, during a TV interview with **Bill Moyers**, Salmon Rushdie said exactly the same thing... and you know he is no dummy.

Just because I can*t remember to spell a few names correctly is no reason to disregard this essential logic.

Who is your new leader? The wise and charismatic enlightened one, bound to lead all Muslims out of a 14th century attitude and into a bright modern and rich future for all? TG

Anonymous said...

I think Canada Day's here to stay Gerry. Perhaps it's the fact that most of the 30 + under crowd have no idea what being "Canadian" stands for these days, given the downward spiral the Liberals were leading us. After all we wouldn't want to be TOO patriotic just in case we're mistaken for Americans.
We'll forgive you this time Miles for having the looney Liberal knee-jerk reaction, it's all the Liberals have got these days.