Monday, June 12, 2006

NDP Plot

Liberal MP, and former cabinet minister, Ujjal Dosanjh will announce today he is endorsing Bob Rae as his choice for the next federal Liberal leader.

This makes perfect sense.

Like Rae, Dosanjh is a former NDP Premier. Like Rae, Dosanjh lost his job as Premier in a landslide loss. Like Rae, Dosanjh defected to the federal Liberal Party.

Hmmm, in fact, come to think of it maybe there are too many coincidences here.

Maybe Rae and Dosanjh are part of some sinister and secret NDP plot to undermine the Liberals from the inside.

After all, what better way to doom the Liberal Party than by having it choose Rae as its leader?

Think about it.


william said...

The fix is in...and has been for a long time, there are only two candidates from the right side of centre, the other nine are from the left.
The left always vote together as a bloc, and they will (you'll see).

Someone from the left will win the liberal leadership, it's already decided, there just not saying who (yet).

The federal liberals have been leaning left for years, the only difference lately has been, they no longer try to hide it.
They call themselves liberal, but we all know they are NDPer's in disguise.

True centrist liberals, should be pissed, the liberal party has been hijacked.
It started with Trudeau and continues under Bob Rae.

The federal liberal party will soon be merging with the NDP and Canada will finally get back to a two party system..!
It's been a long time comming..!!

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I would say there are three right leaning Liberals: Bevilacqua, Brison, and Ignatieff. Martha Hall Findlay I don't know enough about to say which side she comes from, while Joe Volpe is just a complete idiot, neither left nor right. However, Ignatieff currently has the most support in caucus. Besides even though I am a right leaning Liberal I could easily live with Stephane Dion or Gerard Kennedy who at least stick to issues that unite Liberals rather than ones that divide them.

I would say the Liberals run like Dippers, but govern like Tories. If you look at the track record since 1993, they always run to the left, but govern to the right.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

If Bob Rae becomes Lib Leader, the Liberals won't win one seat in Ontario.

They'll win most of Toronto and Northern Ontario. Toronto pretty much goes Liberal no matter what while Northern Ontario was the only region where he did better in 1995 than 1990. He was actually quite popular there, but hated in the rest of the province, which is off course where the vast majority of Ontarioans live.