Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rabble Rousing Ryan

It looks like CUPE union boss Sid Ryan is getting too radical even for other union bosses.

According to media reports, the leaders of five CUPE locals are demanding the union’s national leadership rescind an anti-Israeli resolution Ryan supports.

The ridiculous resolution, which was passed by CUPE’s Ontario division, calls for a boycott of Israeli goods and likens Israeli policies to “apartheid”.

This has upset the leaders of CUPE locals who represent workers at Jewish social-service agencies, so they sent a five-page letter of protest to CUPE’s national president.

Part of the letter reads:

"Mr. Ryan is not behaving as a brother, but rather as an indignant, self-serving rabble-rouser. He has become an embarrassment to the dignity, equality, respect and goodwill associated with the CUPE name."

Of course, there’s nothing new about that.

Ryan has been a self-serving rabble-rouser for years. What’s worse, the law says he can use forced dues to finance his rabble-rousing.

It’s time to change the rules so that the Ryan’s of the world can’t use other people’s money to finance their extreme views.


Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I agree that what CUPE did was unproductive. Israel is a democratic state that allows Arabs full rights of citizens, so this idea they are an Apartheid compared to South Africa is nonsense. And even some Liberals agree, both Susan Kadis and Anita Neville condemned CUPE's resolution in the House of Commons while Pat Martin wrote a letter to the Globe and Mail saying that Israel has far more rights for workers than many other countries.

CUPE should represent all its members including Jewish ones and therefore should rescind this resolution immediately.

Anonymous said...

If members are outraged at how CUPE is spending their dues money on political activism, members should have the opportunity to opt out and choose alternative representation. There's value in choice even for union members.

Anonymous said...

It aint CUPE ...it is the Sid Ryan show .What a disgrace to the union movement .
Israel ...the only democracy surrounded by 100 million people with no choice of government . Tyrants who support terrorism and anarchy .
So Sid supports tyranny because that is what the CUPE leadership stands for , not the card carrying members [ many of whom have no choice ]
If Sid is too radical [ and he is ] then in a democracy members should be able to get rid of him ...legally ...not with bombs .
blessings from Virgil