Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Attack of the Killer Mailboxes

Watch out for those killer mailboxes, apparently they can be quite hazardous.

In fact, Canada Post says it is suspending delivery to Roy Paterson, a, 81 year old Windsor man because it deemed his mailbox to be too dangerous.

Apparently it’s too high.

Mind you, Paterson says he has had the same mailbox at the same height for the past 46 years.

Not that he cares.

“I just say keep your damn mail,” Paterson recently told the media. “We’ve got e-mail, we got telephone, we pay our bills through the Internet. I don’t need Canada Post anymore.”

All this shows the difference between the public and private sectors.

Private sector companies seek ways to woo customers; public sector companies seek ways to alienate them.

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Anonymous said...

'Canada Day' is indeed a much less suitable name for a holiday than 'Dominion day' which has a sort of dynamic feel to it. However, we are lucky the unimaginative Liberals didn't call it 'Day Canada', like the equally idiotic names of other organizations like 'Skate Canada and 'Parks Canada'etc.

The Canadian Maple Leaf flag also has no history and dignity. To me it is 'the Liberal flag' so has no meaning to me. In fact I find it slightly embarrassing because of its thoughless origins.

The national anthem is also really bad. It is a dismal, boring funerial anthem with idiotic words, which are semi- archaic, if that works for a rhyme , eg sea/thee. It's half English half French. Most people have not got a clue about what the words are this year. Who could get a feeling of national pride mumbling that foolish song? Who would not be embarrased gloomily singing about 'standing on guard' with hardly any military forces left thanks to the Liberal party. One almost wants to giggle.

Other countries have stirring and patriotic anthems, some are quite passionate and linked to historical events.

Who could not be moved by the French national anthem? or enjoy singing more interesting anthems like the Italian one, or the lesser-known but spirited Ecuadorian anthem. We are stuck with 'Oh Canada'.

Perhaps we need to start over?