Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Union Bashes NCC

Earlier this month, the National Citizens Coalition ran a full page ad in the Yellowknifer newspaper to offset union boss propaganda.

The union leadership is telling striking workers at Ekati mines (300 kilometers north of Yellowknife) that they will be fined if they cross picket lines.

However, as the NCC ad explains, that’s an empty threat.

Anyway, we must have had an impact because a couple of days ago, the union bosses responded with a full page ad of their own, that’s essentially a smear attack against the NCC.

Here’s how I responded in a letter to the editor:

Dear Sir/Madam:

A couple of union bosses recently placed a large ad in your paper to smear the National Citizens Coalition.

To set the record straight, the NCC is a grassroots organization that stands for free enterprise, better government and individual freedom.

We also believe in defending democratic rights and freedoms in the workplace.

That’s why we ran an ad of our own a few weeks ago, an ad that offset PSAC propaganda concerning union “fines.”

In a classic case of misinformation, PSAC is threatening striking workers at Ekati mines with “fines” if they crossed the picket line.

The NCC ad let employees know the truth: Canadian law covering Ekati employees does not allow the union to use Canada’s courts to enforce the collection of its fines.

And so the union leaders are attacking the NCC through expensive ads paid for with the forced dues of employees.

Of course, the union ad does not challenge the NCC’s point about the legality of their “fines”.


Because they know the NCC is right.

Instead of smearing private organizations, the union bosses should admit the truth to the employees they are supposed to represent.

It’s time to stop the misinformation. It’s time to stop the intimidation.

Not sure if the Yellowknifer printed my letter, but if they do we can probably expect another full page union ad.

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