Wednesday, June 07, 2006

DND Now Says NCC "Support our Troops" Campaign OK

Note: I had a bit of a mix up on my blog where I meshed together my blog entry and a news release. Unfortunately the system crashed and I couldn't repair it.

It should have said this:

Here is a message I got from a DND spokesman regarding the NCC "Support the Troops" campaign:

Acting Chief of Defence Staff of Canadian Forces has apologized to Mr. Peter Coleman, President of the National Citizens Coalition and has indicated that we are very pleased to see Canadians supporting our troops and that we strongly support the kind of private endeavour for our men and women in uniform.

Lower level staff with the legal section of the Department developed a position that was communicated to the National Citizens Coalition.

Regretfully this was done prior to approval being received from higher command.

Senior officials reviewed the circumstances of this case and have informed the NCC that we support this particular campaign.

The Department will communicate in writing to Mr. Coleman. This communication will indicate the Department does not have issues with billboards, magnetic ribbons or the campaign to support Canadian forces personnel.

In addition, Chief Military Personnel will be calling Mr. Coleman to find ways we can work together on this project.”

I am quite glad this situation has been resolved. After all, we are on the military’s side.

This is also a victory for free speech.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the special trust fund the NCC is setting up to help the military families of fallen soldiers go here.


Anonymous said...

Holy Jesus,

A commentator on the blog of "one of the top five political minds in Canada" wrote "FAG CARE" in a comment.

Holy Jesus indeed. If Canada doesn't wake up from their Liberal hate fest (Big-L only), this country is in trouble...

Blanks57 for Prime Minister, eh!!! No endorsement from George W. Bush though.

(And I'm anonymous because I don't have a blogger account... so back off with the "Anon's are cowards" bullshit and focus on the facts.)

WE Speak said...

Well done Gerry.

Stephen said...

Only gays get aids, dontcha know?

Anonymous said...

The following letter I sent to the Brandon Sun paper today in response to an article they printed showing a spokesperson at CFB Shilo holding a large yellow 'support thr troops' ribbon.:---

Support 'our' troops is a made in the USA campaign. Your photo in article July 25/06 by Ian Hitchen showing a CFB Shilo spokesperson gleefully holding a large four foot yellow 'support our troops' ribbon depicts very clearly(see bottom right of ribbon) a 'Made in the U.S.A.' printing logo. Wow. This proves to me that the US is pushing its war agenda, literally, in our faces through cleaver PR. Clearly the support 'our' troops campaign has major US support and backing. If Canada is so keen to support its troops in this American concocted phoney war agenda, then why does it not print its own PR ribbons 'Made in Canada'. Because Canada has never been a war exporting country, until now, as our wishy washy Prime Minister is so keen to bow down to US pressures. It is indeed a 'Made in the U. S. A.' war and the US should clean up its own mess of years of dictatorial US foreign policy, CIA manipulation and illegal killings, rendition flights, corrupt re-building contracts, Blackwater mercenary troops, and the largest arms sales on the planet(see Israel today-Israel is one of the largest customers for US armaments). If Canada buys into this US war for oil agenda, then it had better encourage its sons and daughters to form a long enlistment line at Shilo, as the US needs all the pawns it can find, buy, coerce, or otherwise manipulate. Ironic, as Canada has oil. Are our troops ours? Since 'troops' is largely a US street term, I will use soldier and say that ---our soldiers get out of Afganistan now.