Friday, January 02, 2009

Book Reaction

I am getting two types of reactions to my forthcoming book, Loyal to the Core.

Some people are saying they can't wait to read it; others are saying they can't wait not to read it.

The funniest reaction was the anonymous wag who said it should be called Bitter to the Core.

Anyway, I am now waiting for Hollywood to contact me for the movie rights.

Who should play me?

Well I am leaning towards Tom Cruise.


VW said...

Cruise? Nah. Jason Alexander would be a better resemblance.

Anonymous said...

Not Cruise I'm thinking Patrick Stewart.

Btw, r u having a book launch in Ottawa?

Bec said...

Gee Mr Nicholls, I don't know, you look different in every picture. Then we have the live interviews I have seen so I have heard you speak, which you do very well, btw.

I have decided, Tom Hanks.
....but the book release, I am nervously optimistic.

Alberta Girl said...

Actually, I like Tom Hanks too - I think the resemblance is there and he does justice to any role he plays.

Tom Cruise....blech... I cannot STAND him!!

rondi adamson said...

Woody Allen.

Anonymous said...

Although your market is narrow for this book, I expect big success among conservatives. Congrats, sounds like a good read. (real conservative)

Ontario Girl said...

How about Chevy Chase??

Anonymous said...

Bob Barker. None other.