Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Defenceless City

So I'm in Vancouver this weekend attending a Liberty Fund seminar and I see this street sign.

It said: "Welcome to Vancouver, a nuclear weapons free zone."

And that kind of surprised me.

I would have thought that besides doing stuff like collecting garbage and cleaning streets, citizens would expect their municipal government to provide a credible nuclear deterrent.


Anonymous said...

You kind of expect that sort of thing on the left coast.

What is even more surprising is to find the same sign at the gates to good old red neck Red Deer, Alberta.

They say all politics are local...maybe that is also true of all nuclear wars?

ww said...

East coast is not immune. Wolfville Nova Scotia is also a nuclear free zone. Not only that they talk as if the Dept of Defense needs to ask permission to fly in "their" air space!