Monday, January 26, 2009

Conservatives must speak out

More evidence the conservative movement is getting fed up with the Tory march to left is Joseph Ben-Ami's excellent column.

Writes Ben-Ami:

So now, finally, all is revealed. It seems that the critiques were right after all; the federal Conservatives under the leadership of Stephen Harper really did have a “hidden” agenda – just not the one everyone thought. Instead of being the committed conservatives that some people feared, but that just as many people hoped for, it turns out that the Harper Conservatives were actually big-borrowing, big-spending liberals in the style of Brian Mulroney and Joe Clark.

Let's hope more conservatives make their voices heard over the next few days and weeks.


Anonymous said...


Lets be frank. What is driving this deficit budget is the threat of the opposition defeating the budget and then installing themselves as government, thereby avoiding an election which they cannot financially or politcally afford.

Take the threat of media endorsed sedition off the table and we would have a much different political dynamic in Ottawa.

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't care what the Conservative government does, promises or spends if it keeps the coalition out of power, because a coalition with the NDP and Bloc enabling the Liberals to claim power would be orders of magnitude worse.