Monday, January 26, 2009

Media Alert II

I am quoted in this Canadian Press story on tomorrow's budget.

Key line: "This (budget) is going to be a disaster for Stephen Harper," said Gerry Nicholls, who worked with Harper at the National Citizens Coalition.


hunter said...

You remind me of David Orchard.

Anonymous said...

Should read...

""This (budget) is going to be a disaster for Stephen Harper," said Gerry Nicholls, who worked with Harper at the National Citizens Coalition, never liked the man, and has bitched about him on his blog for 3 years straight, no matter what."

Skinny Dipper said...

I love it.

The Conservatives are going to give Canadians an NDP budget that the NDP will oppose. The Liberals will threaten to oppose by supporting a coalition that they do not want. The Bloc will oppose unless the NDP and Liberals are sure to oppose. The Greens will oppose because they have no power to oppose. Nicholls will oppose because he doesn't have as much body hair as Orchard (who is likely to oppose the Conservative designed NDP budget).

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are truley a usefull idiot.

I just watched you call me a redtory tonight on the CBC(Gerry on the CBC LMAO).

So Gerry can you answer me this...

What Buissness have you ever owned?

Have you ever signed the front of the check?

It's great you can go from think tank to think tank regurgitating books.

But have you ever run a buissness with over 30 employees?

I just want to know. I am 28 own my own buissness and am a hardcore fiscal Coservative. I don't count on the Government for Sh!t.

But what irks me, is a hack like you who is so dumb to be used by the media, to smear PM Harper, tries to represent me. Your nothing but a Conservative who has never had to be a conservative..

I wish I could live in la,la land like you and not have to worry about payroll like you.

Gerry your only accomplishment is working for PM Harper. And you milk that like lefties milk welfare...

Frankly you are nothing but a Faux Conservative. Just some jackass who was able to sit in the system and never never have to get a real job....

You drive me nuts b/c I have to listen to some guy who is nothing but a Conservative version of Jack Layton try to tell me what a conservative is.

Man I wish I had your job, just sitting around whinnig about PM Harper.

You are nothing but a poser Gerry...

Anonymous said...

Gerry - you wouldn't get ANY headlines or be invited on the talk shows if you AGREED with Stephen Harper.

Way to butter your own bread, buddy.

Anonymous said...

I saw you on CBC. The Libs still hate you even though you danced like their trained monkey as you tried to make them love you.
I was shaking my head in disgust as you sold yourself, and the CPC, out to get your 15 minutes. "Love me please Love me, make me mainstream". Not going to happen, you have the stink of conservative on you.
Did you notice that they used you to weaken the CPC and bring the specter of Reform and CA to the Canadian sheeple.
As an agent provacteur, you must uniquely feel great pride.

Anonymous said...

Do you secretly want this coalition thing to work Gerry?

If you are trying to get us back into the arrogance and divisiveness of the long, long chretien years you are sure doing your part.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gerry - as usual you're bang on with your observations. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Don't like the message, so attack the messenger? I for one agree with Nicholls.

If Dion proposed the budget you are about to see tomorrow, there would be united bedlam within the Conservative party. We'd all rise up and scream about how terrible it was. Yet right now, you all still feel this strange urge to rally around the Prime Minister?

Am I the only one who thinks that a NDP Government led by Harper is probably equally bad to an NDP Coalition Government led by Ignatieff?

AEK said...

Regarding your brilliant analysis; "This (budget) is going to be a disaster for Stephen Harper," you are justified in missing Prime Minister Harpers' vacuous analysis in the Sun Media on Jan 22:

"There's probably a couple of things where we're making concessions to the opposition we wouldn't normally make, but the general shape of the budget would be what we need to do under the circumstances. As you know, I'm an economist and a big believer in a market economy. But I also know as an economist that there are times when the macro-economy does not function. We're in an economy we have not seen in six decades, where economic activity is slowing very rapidly because of a world-wide cycle of fear and pessimism, and where businesses will not invest money, bond-holders will not buy because they're worried about capital losses, consumers will not spend. And I know that in those circumstances, the only thing for the government to do is to move in the economy, make investments and put people to work."

Regardless of whether you read it and understood it or not before your prophesy of cataclysm, you're still my hero - a true Canadian visionary and cluck-meister - for taking the same position as Jack Layton and insightfully condemning the budget before it has even been released.

Please, keep up the brilliant and thoughtful analysis!

Anonymous said...

Gerry, I love how you make these Harper automatons squeel when you poke at their master!

JDot, I feel sorry for any employees that you have (had). You clearly lack the ability to see the fatal and obvious flaws in Harper's budget. How then could you run a business? LOL

Keep firing away Gerry, I love hearing them cry.