Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So long conservatism

Media-types are speculating the upcoming federal budget will feature a deficit in the $40 billion range.

I don't believe it.

My sense is Conservative spin doctors are leaking massive numbers like that to heighten the fear effect, so that when the actual budget deficit comes in at say $20 billion, we will all wipe our brows and say, "Well that wasn't so bad."

Of course, it still will be bad and unconservative.

In fact, after the budget comes down we will no longer debate the question of whether or not the Harper government is conservative enough.

The only question remaining will be how socialist will it get.

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Anonymous said...

The Conservatives are too hungry for power to hold fast to their "ideals". It's part of being a politician. Even NDP politicians do it *cough*coalition*cough*.

I think most people, especially in Canada are so apathetic and unopinioned that they WANT it that way. When the local news tells them the bail outs will prevent X Y Z bad things from happening they listen and even though they vote Conservative they support it.

Not to mention these days if people think you're a conservative they paint you as a monster who hates the environment, salivates over gun crime and sleeps on a bed of hobos.