Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My book: Loyal to the Core

You may have noticed that I have not been too active on this blog lately.

But there is a good reason for that.

I am actually working hard to finish my first-ever book; it's called Loyal to the Core: Stephen Harper, me and the NCC.

It's one part memoirs, one part history of the National Citizens Coalition and one part cautionary tale for Canada's conservative movement.

You can read more about it here.

The book is scheduled to be released in late February, but you can pre-order a copy here at a special discounted rate.

So act fast!

Trust me, if you like politics, if you are interested in conservative activism, if you like behind-the-scenes stuff, you will love my book.


Alberta Girl said...

Gerry - first of all - congratulations on the book.

Secondly, I watched your interview at Free Dominion and have a couple of thoughts.

As a conservative, I can certainly appreciate your concern over the shift away from the far right conservative values that Harper espoused while at the NCC.

I can also appreciate that once he became leader of the CPC; he needed to think of the whole country and embrace all sides of the CPC. In doing so; he has steadily brought the CPC closer to the majority status that would allow him to actually govern this country.

I have concerns that your writing about what Harper used to think and what true conservatism in this country should be will play right into the hands of those that love to play the "hidden agenda" card. The meme "look what he would do if he had a majority" will contain passages from your book.

I guess it means you will sell lots of copies to the left in this country as they gather fodder for the next campaign.

I just fear that you are throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

But then - maybe that is your whole intent.

Anonymous said...

LAberta Girl, you are allover the net spewing CONservative nonsense. Harper carefully controls his image (hairdresseres and sweater vests) and controls the media message.But I am curious to know what Harper really thinks. How didhe feel running against Jim Hake (did he feel like the backstabber he appears to be?) Does he regret the firewall letter? Why does he hate Liberals to the point of focussing all of his energy into defeating them rather than governing? Will Nicholls reveal who paid the half million dollar leadership debt of Peter McKay (was it Micheal Fortier?)

It is difficult to tell what Harper stands for. Ideals he promoted in opposition and at NCC have evaporated when he reached power. Why?

Bec said...

Will this book be fair? Based on the pre release information, I have found, I certainly hope so.

I was never a small c' conservative but my parents were and have supported, Stephen Harper, the man, from day 1.

I only supported him, when the 2 parties joined and I think, he has done a hell of a job, keeping us all,mostly happy, under the tenuous circumstances.

I am certainly hoping that is what I read in this book because I will be very angry, as a conservative, to have us back stabbing each other too!
Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Resting your hopes on the Left buying your book Gerry?

You won't be seeing a dime from this avid book buyer.

Alberta Girl said...

"LAberta Girl, you are allover the net spewing CONservative nonsense"

Oh puleeze anony - all over the net - hardly!

I guess when Iggy said that he and he alone speaks for the Liberal party and they all need to speak with one voice; that wasn't controlling?? So who controls the media message? With the media in the back pocket of the Liberal party; your message is very controlled no isn't it.

You have absolutely proven my point that this book will be fodder for the you and your ilk as they look for further tidbits to try to use against SH.

Anonymous said...

Since you have time for changes, how about:

Bitter to the Core: Stephen Harper, me and the NCC.