Monday, December 03, 2007

The Road to Bali

World leaders are converging in Bali to figure out ways to halt global warming.

Meanwhile, most of Canada is in a deep freeze today and digging out from a winter snow storm.

Talk about bad timing.


Anonymous said...

Given the price of furnace oil and the outdoor temperature in Canada lately, I hope that the delegates at Bali are wearing their, "Go Global Warming" T-Shirts!

Anonymous said...

i want a free trip to bali. it's cold, cold, cold here. they should meet in ottawa that would change the view about global warming

Anonymous said...

The optics are amazing aren't they:

-Sitting in the warm tropical Bali Sun,

- Having arrived there through the burning of a tremendous amount of fossil fuels that is supposed to be causing this global warming,

- And telling us Canadians, huddled in our homes striving to fend off the deadly cold,

- That WE should cut down on our fuel consumption.


Steve said...

Just as well they picked Bali and not some freezing place in the Northern Hemisphere, that would have been akward.!

NB taxpayer said...

It's simply arrogant to try to predict the future, or the weather for that matter. Any farmer would tell you that weather cycles are extremely unpredictable (and they didn't even farm when the dinasours were around). lol

Furthermore, if academics are going to get into the game of predicting disasters and weather patterns, then we should make them stand by the word when the volcano doesn't erupt or the ice cap doesn't melt or the earthquate doesn't happen. Sorry guys, there are just somethings which our man made tools just can't predict that well [at the moment]. Live with it!

And for the record, how can we be going into one of the coldest winters on record?? How can this be?? Are the icecaps melting during this time frame?? just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Last winter was much better. I say bring back global warming.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

You guys are ignoring the reality. Global warming doesn't mean we still won't get cold winters. Most Canadian cities have average winter temperatures well below the freezing mark so even with global warming, we will still get cold winters. The problem is most other species are far more sensitive to temperature changes so dramatic warming could kill off many species. The Arctic may be cold, however global warming could cause the polar bear to go extinct, which I don't see as a good thing. And while milder winters may be a plus, global warming also means hotter summers, which may be fine somewhere like St. John's or Vancouver, but I don't think most in Toronto or Montreal are keen on having even hotter summers than we have already. The temperature difference between winter and summer will not change, only the average temperatures.

As for global warming, no one knows for sure how big the impact will be, however pretty much each time a new study comes out, the results suggest it will be worse than the previous one suggested, so if anything we are probably underestimating rather than overestimating the extent of global warming.