Sunday, December 02, 2007

My Dion Prediction

A year ago today, I posted my view on the Liberal Party's decision to make Stephane Dion its leader.

"St├ęphane Dion," I wrote "seems like a decent person, but I doubt he is the guy who will help restore the former glory of the Liberal Party."

So you heard it here first.


Anonymous said...

And yet carrots seem to be thriving this year what with the move to eat more nutriously.

Perhaps a carrot DOES have more of a chance of changing the Liberal fortunes than does Mr."I have a dog name Kyoto" Dion??

Anonymous said...

We heard a vague statement of ill-fortune directed at your political opponents? Do you write the astrology column, too?

Maybe you can read my palm next, or consult the crystal ball. Hack.

Anonymous said...

And a great illusion fell over the madding crowd. Wisdom was replaced with foolishness. Cunning replaced with vulnerability.

Canada's greatest pack of liars are not always omnipotent in this land.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2:

Hack??? That's not very friendly or liberal of you, Celine... I mean Stephane!

Don't you know that you might hurt Mr. Nicholls' feelings!

By the way, ABCDE!

Anything But Carrot (or Celine) Dion, Eh?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #3:

You forgot one.

The Liberals were replaced as "the natural governing party of Canada."

Brian said...

Hey your not one of the top five political minds in the country just because your the nominating committee.

NB taxpayer said...

Maybe he's not a good practice player? You know, the guy that comes out on every drill all week and dominates only to fold when the real game starts (crowd appears, the real referees emerge and the ball is kicked).

In other words, could Dion emerge as a game player come general election time? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, back to practice we go. lol