Saturday, December 15, 2007

CBC Ethics

It seems the CBC was writing the questions for Liberal MPs sitting on the House of Commons Ethics Committee.

I used to think the CBC was the PR arm of the Liberal Party; but I now realize the Liberal Party is simply the political arm of the CBC.

Next time why not cut out the middle man and have Peter Mansbridge ask the questions directly.


Anonymous said...

I don't watch the CBC or listen to it on the radio. When my grade 7 student can identify clear bias in its reporting it becomes clear that they're playing with listeners/viewers to that age group, and mentality.

Actually the only good programs ever offered by the CBC were the Friendly Giant, Chez Helene(who I assumed teaching us French to be more like Parisians not Quebecois),
and the original Reach for the Top with Alex Trebec and Razzle Dazzle
(what was that turtle's name).

Anonymous said...

By Paul Wells:

Don't tell Doug Finley...
Paul Wells | December 15, 2007 | 06:19:02 | Permalink

...but reporters have been planting questions with MPs at committee hearings since the dawn of time. I don't know whether I ever did it with Reform, Alliance or NDP MPs when the Liberals were in government, but I know it got done and if I had a story I needed advancing, I'd have done it in a second. "Hey, you might want to ask about..."

I know this will come as a shock to people who think the state broadcaster must be barred from embarrassing the government. Guys like this (link to Stephen Taylor).

I watched partisan/newest Conservative strategist Mike Duffy on this - when discussing it, Joe Comartin of the NDP with a little smile said that all the MSM confront the parties with questions they'd like asked - Duffy then looked sheepish.

Jean Lapierre works for TVA which is owned by Quebecor. We all know that Brian Mulroney is on the board of directors of Quebecor.

....and you know darn well Duffy knows this. He's the one that should be put on the carpet.

Anonymous said...

Why anyone still watches the CBC is beyond my comprehension. It is interesting watching the partisans try to explain away the latest transgressions though. It seem like it is more of a religion than a government funded news organization to some.

wilson said...

An 'influential' Liberal MP tells and it's reported by an exLiberal MP, confirmed by another Liberal, and it's all about Mulroney!!

Me thinks Liberals need a bit of Christmas cheer so as to get off the conspiracy merry-go-round.
Take break Libs.

NB taxpayer said...

Jean "don't turn your back" LaPierre?? It would appear the big red Liberal warship is still leaking. Although, I think it's safe to say this is more a sign that a few influencial libs (behind the scenes) want to oust Dion (after Christmas) in favour of the very popular carrot.

Anonymous said...


And Conrad Black and the National Post had nothing to do with Shawinigate or bringing public attention to Adscam or advancing Stephen Harper's career...

I agree, however, that it is very sad to see the media on both sides (which is really the same side) lose their journalistic objectivity...

At least, the NHL is still free of steroids as the G&M sports columnist reported yesterday...

Thus, we can, at least, still trust some sources in the media...

Anonymous said...

nb taxpayer - I'm leaning more and more to that carrot you speak of because I can't take politics in this country seriously any more, so we might as well have some fun.

Actually I'm surprised we havent' seen a reality show yet entitled "Canadian Nation.....what is it?"

Anonymous said...

tangoJuliette sez:

"...At 3:44 PM, Anonymous said...

And Conrad Black and the National Post had nothing to do with Shawinigate or bringing public attention to Adscam or advancing Stephen Harper's career..." ???

Uh - actually - no. BUT!!! The ones who really DID have everything to do with Shawinigate [and adscam]and strangling protesters, and cutting sweetheart forgivness deals for Radwinski's $600,000 income tax dues, and THEN, the very next day assign this jerk to a $275,000 per year job, with perks and benefits and entitlements? That'd be your friendly Liberal Party of Canada.

Reporting the news is a far cry from bleating the propoganda of the party line.

As the patently apparent Lib Supporter you seem to be, the fine disatinctions and nuances between these two opposing functions has obviiously escaped your discerning notice. D'omage. Just keep on defending the indefensible. The tax paying citizens of this nation love it when you libs manifestly show your commitment to LibSleeze.




Anonymous said...

CBC tried to own the story from the 5th estate story onward.

When things started to fizzle, CBC tries to meddle to add some sizzle.

The rest of the media should be embarrassing CBC. CBC do rub-it- in stories regularly to them.

Anonymous said...

tango Juliette:


Harper got invited to the 2003Bilderbergers conference because of his charm and outgoing demeanour.

Conrad Black had absolutely nothing to do with it...

I have some nice tar ponds to sell you in Sydney, NS too...

By the way, I don't care which side wins so go ahead and criticize the Lie-berals all that you want!

Anonymous said...

taxpayers shouldn't be paying for the Liberals press hit people.

they have the toronto star, the balance of the asper chain, ctv, the freebie press, cpac, tvo etc.

that doesn't factor in the Liberal crtc shills, the speech police, hrc cops, diplomatic appointees, a number of whom were former cbc journalists.

Ex-cbc comrades rule the j-school roost. A new journalist doesn't get stamped in Canada without some lefty lib bestowed blessing.

Left advocacy journalism is encouraged by these manipulators.

CBC news is rife with left activist mantras. Canadians have been slowly boiling in it for too long.

Unknown said...

Oh, you kooky Bilderbergers people. You always crazy up my days.

Word of advice: if you're actually trying to convince someone of something, I wouldn't bring that up.

I'm actually with Comartin on this one. I'm sure it happens quite often. But that doesn't make it less funny when they get caught.

Anonymous said...


Can you explain why discussing the Bilderberger group is "kooky" exactly?

Are you doubting the existence of said group?

Name calling seems to be the last resort of a scoundrel/politician and denial is not just a river in Egypt.

Anonymous said...

The turtle on Razzle Dazzle was named Howard. There was also a guy who was always looking for "a knuckle full of nickles" I think he was a well-known Canadian actor who voiced many ads and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous guy seems to have misunderstood janet's reference to Bilderbergers.

The Bilderberg Group certainly does exist. And they aren't kooks. Or at least they're not much kookier than the rest of us.

It's the people who are obsessed with Bilderbergers, and convinced that they are somehow sinister, who are the kooks.

Is that clear now?