Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Media Alert

I will be on Michael Harris Live, (CFRA Ottawa) to discuss my Toronto Star column at approximately 2:45 PM EST.


John M Reynolds said...

Seeing as how it often takes over an hour for the blogroll to update, please let us know earlier next time if possible.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Nicholls, I was not able to listen to the radio show. I am very interested in knowing your perspective on the Macleans / Steyn HRC situation.

This strikes me as a vitally important case that must be won by supporters of liberty and free speech. How can we help?! I'm not sure that emails and online petitions do any good. Can we do more?

Anonymous said...

Probably the reason the calendar features photos of Prime Minister Harper and his family is because he polls better than his party, and is significantly ahead in public opinion compared to his political rivals. Could it also be because it was mailed out to Conservative Party members and financial supporters, and he is, after all, the Leader of the CPC?

Check out Nanos Research for the numbers for polls on his popularity, but I suspect that analysis was not on your agenda when you wrote that "piece" (of...) for the Red Star.

Then you go on the Michael Harris show to team up with that left-wing moon-bat for self-gratification and a few more cheap shots? I'm glad I missed it!

I think your article was a childish, sneering drive-by which will harm your reputation - a "Senior Fellow" of Democracy Institute more than anything else you may have hoped to accomplish.

Shameful and disgusting. Way to burn your bridges!