Monday, December 17, 2007

CRTC Blues

A true conservative federal government would move to dismantle the Stalinist-style Canadian Radio and Television Commission.

What does Prime Minister Harper do?

He gives the CRTC commissioners a seven per cent pay hike!!

That's wrong for so many reasons.

Wish I could turn the channel, but the CRTC won't let me.


Anonymous said...

Feeding frenzy!

Please remind me again -- I did vote conservative last election or is this all just one bad dream?

Does it make sense that the chair of the CRTC should make a salary that is very comparable to the PM?

Keep oiling that big, greasy machine known as the Canadian government, Mr. Harper.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I am not against the CRTC head getting a pay hike of the inflation rate, but 7% seems a little much. I agree their regulations are too restrictive, but dismantling it completely seems silly. You still need to have someone control who uses which frequency or else stations could be cutting into each other's frequencies. Pretty much every Western country has a similiar agency (i.e. FCC in the US, OFCOM in Britain). The real debate should not about scrapping the CRTC, but rather whether we should increase, reduce, or maintain its current level of regulations. I favour reducing them.

And considering neither Thatcher or Reagan dismantled the FCC or OFCOM, I don't buy the argument a real Conservative government would scrap the CRTC.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, Gerry.

But did you notice that Libertarian candidate, Ron Paul, raised over $6 million in donations for his candidacy yesterday...

Shattering the previous single day record for campaign donations that was held by none other than Ron Paul...

How long is the mainstream media going to be able to continue to ignore this guy, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Pay hikes to political appointees in Ottawa are just one more of the many ways that the Federal Government can informally hand out dole in Ontario without it being counted as equalization payments...

Subsidies, corporate welfare, government salaries, manipulating the dollar at the expense of Canadian consumers... It's pretty amazing stuff, and most Canadians seem to have no clue or concerns.

However, this is supposed to be a "conservative" government so what can we do really?

We need a Ron Paul in Canada!