Friday, December 07, 2007

Drafting a Leader

I will confess I was a little surprised when Ontario Progressive Conservative leader John Tory didn't resign after he lost this year's provincial election.

And it seems some PC supporters are more than just surprised, they are down right annoyed.

They think the PC party needs a new leader.

In fact, PC party activist Nick Kouvalis has created a website called designed to mobilize support for a leadership review.

It looks like Ontario politics might start getting interesting.


Anonymous said...

Drafting a leader?

Sounds like that would be a good policy for the CPC too!

What the CPC has now is a chessmaster with deep pockets and a crush on Mario Dumont!

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I second anonymous. I do think John Tory should resign, but I also think we need a new Conservative leader and I think anybody from the Reform Party or Canadian Alliance need not apply. Only former Progressive Conservatives whose views are slightly right of centre, but still mainstream. Not Reformers who seem to hate everything Canada stands for. I as a proud Canadian respect the right of people to have different opinions, but I am sick and tired of those on the right who seem to hate everything about Canada. We live in the greatest country on earth.

Anonymous said...

In other words, two liberal leaders with no real difference in policy. Look how well John Tory did with that - record low turnouts, lost ground even though the Liberal vote went down...the base is simply alienated and they cannot win by alienating their base (after all, that is where all their fundraising money and volunteers are).

Anonymous said...

So, it looks like a Nanny state if we vote conservative federally and a Nanny state if we vote liberal federally...

Hmmm...decisions, decisions

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

Anonymous #1 - The problem with your argument is you assume there is a strong conservative base. The reality is that for ever conservative voter you alienate, you pick up close to five centrist voters. The reality is conservatism as Gerry advocates has always been a minority opinion in Canada.

Anonymous #2: I don't think either party advocates the nanny state, that is the NDP. Both believe in a free market system, where government tempers its excesses and intervenes to help the most vulnerable who fall through the cracks. Otherwise both believe in the free market system as a general principle, but also believe in intervening where it fails, but not where it works (which is most, but not all of the time). If you compare to other countries, there is really no Western Democracy that is entirely Capitalists or Socialists, rather all of them are a blend of the two. Some like the US lean more towards the former and others like Sweden lean more towards the latter, while Canada is somewhere in between.