Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Quiet Illusion

Recently watched an excellent documentary called The Quiet Illusion which shatters the myths surrounding the "Quebec Model."

The Quebec Model, of course, is a euphemism for socialism. For years Quebeckers prided themselves on being the most "progressive" jurisdiction in North America --- progressive meaning Quebec has high taxes, big, intrusive government and powerful, militant labour unions.

Well now, as The Quiet Illusion makes clear, some people in Quebec are beginning to question that model.

Directed by Joanne Marcotte, this documentary features interviews with economists, journalists and students who make a strong case that unless Quebec adopts a more free market approach, the province will soon hit the wall.

It's doubtful this documentary will ever appear on the CBC, so if you want to get a copy you can order it here for $20.00: 115 Saint Denys Garneau
Ste. Catherine de la Jacques Cartier, Quebec, G0A 3M0.


Anonymous said...

A $10 billion a year subsidy from the rest of Canada helps though :-)

Hugh MacIntyre said...

Are there copies in English?

Anonymous said...

It just takes some people longer then others to see the light. When do you think this will happen to Onterrible.

Road Hammer said...

Did it have subtitles in English, Gerry?

Roy Eappen said...

It was on Canal D last year.
You can buy it online here.
The Quebec model is a failure, time to move on!

Matt said...

Is there an English version?

Anonymous said...

Hey, la Belle Province is getting $7.6 Billion equalization and untold amounts of corporate welfare simply given to them each year by Canadian taxpayers to recognize their distinctness as a culture...

And that's only the money that we currently know about...

That's quite de stink! Don't you think?

Why not? If you can get other provinces to do the majority of the work while yourself reaping the majority of the benefits, well, isn't that what socialism seems to be all about?

Quebecers aren't fools. I wish that I could say as much for the ROC though.

Personally, I am glad to have contributed to further strengthening of this socialistic arrangement in having voted for a "Conservative" government and all.


Concerned in Halifax

Gerry Nicholls said...

Hugh, Matt and Road Hammer: Yes there is an English version.