Sunday, December 16, 2007

Liars, Steroids and Snow, Oh my

Here's a grab bag of observations on recent events:

* The House of Commons Ethics Committee grilling former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.
Here's what Canadians have been treated to this week: A bunch of incompetent backbench MPs asking a sleazy former politician about a lying businessman. The system works.

* The Mitchell Report on Steroid Use in Baseball
Former Democratic Senator George Mitchell has decided to charge, try and convict dozens of baseball players in a process that relies on rumour, headlines, innuendo and hearsay evidence. It seems the old notion of presumption of innocence has struck out.

* Global Warming
Last year we had a warmer than usual winter, and the eco-loons used this to whip up "climate change hysteria" across the land. Today, as I look outside my window it looks like the North Pole. I just hope that somewhere Al Gore is stuck in a snow bank.


Dave Hodson said...

Don't worry Gerry. I'm heading outside now to clear my driveway with a CO2 emmitting 2-cycle gas engine snowblower. Hopefully I can do my part to get things warmed up a bit!

Gerry Nicholls said...


Can you do my driveway too?

Anonymous said...

Facts (for those whose reality is based only on what is reported in the mainstream media):

(1) Mulroney didn't exactly tell the truth under oath.

(2) Steroid and substance enhancing drugs are rampant in many sports.

(3) Al Gore was just in Bali where he probably flew on a private jet along with hundreds of other delegates.

(4) It is damn cold outside today which is not actually George Bush's fault for once.

Anonymous said...

The system doesn't work.

Is anyone's faith restored in the office of the Prime Minister of Canada by the inquiry so far?


Please don't all speak at once because you will likely overload this site.

Anonymous said...

anon at 11:22. Yup i have faith in the PM's office because Harper is untouched by theinquiry and is doing a great job for Canada and the World. Yahoo dude.

Anonymous said...

Well, there is one person anyways!

A myopic stuffed animal from the left coast of Canada who has difficulty telling the time...

That's a real vote of confidence for the office of PM