Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Time for Tory Tune up

One of the things Prime Minister Harper might ponder during his long summer vacation is a possible cabinet shuffle in the Fall.

Well, for what's it worth, here are my suggestions for cabinet ministers who should be demoted or removed altogether:

1. Defence Minister Gordon O'Conner: No brainer. Defence supposed to be one of the issues the Tories own. Whether through bad luck or incompetence, O'Conner has made a strength into a weakness.

2. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty: Huge disappointment. Maybe it's not fair to blame Flaherty for all the fiscal miscues of this government but he has been the point man for the Income Trust flip flip, the ABM bank silliness and of course the big spending budget. Maybe we need a real conservative as Finance Minister.

3. Heritage Minister Bev Oda: Never met a dopey "arts" project she didn't like to subsidize. More Liberal than a Liberal, Oda is part of the problem not part of the solution.

Of course, the Tories need more than just a little tinkering about their engine, what they need is a complete tune up.


Anonymous said...

I agree with all of this post, and I supported Flaherty back in his PCPO leadership.

Anonymous said...

Forget it, Gerry! I am done with this group!

Libertarians like yourself would be wise to observe what Harper did to the Progressive Conservatives in Atlantic Canada! Thanks for those knives in our backs.

I am joining the Liberals -- at least, they know they are Liberals!

Harper, Flaherty, O'Connor, Day, MacKay can all go for all I care!

Anonymous said...

Here's a great idea for Harper to start with!

A National Energy Policy just like his pals in the United States have -- what a great idea for national unity!

That should freak Harper right out!