Monday, June 04, 2007

We Don't Need More Politicians

I have a guest column in today's Toronto Sun commenting on the government's plan to add 22 more MPs to the House of Commons.

The last thing we need, I argue, is more politicians!


Anonymous said...

Good column.

I could accept a broadening of the bureaucratic class, if I though it meant more would get done. Unfortunately, more bodies usually means more stagnation in processes and more money - as you put it.

It's unfortunate that the so-called Conservatives are doing more to expand government than the Liberals could've dreamed of.

BTW...Mikey liked your column too -- together, we can coax him from the center ;)

Anonymous said...

Agree with both if you!

Does anyone ever recall an MP of the Liberal era showing up in Ireland on a HMCS destroyer.
This is not WWII -- That stunt has got to cost a few taxpayer bucks.

Also kinda weird that a bill on movie piracy was ready two days after the Governator's visit so these people can get somethings done when they are motivated to do so! Not really all that relevant to Canada, however.