Monday, June 11, 2007

Atlantic Discord

The Prime Minister's problems over the Atlantic Accord, reveal three basic truths:

1. There's no pleasing Red Tories.

2. The Tories are dreaming in technicolour if they think the "fiscal imbalance" issue is over.

3. Canada is a tough country to govern.

What's getting lost, of course, in all of this debate is whether or not the whole equalization program is a good idea to begin with.

If you ask me, it's just a massive socialist scheme, that like all socialist schemes does more harm than good, but nobody asked me.


Kirk West said...

The other reality is that no one cares about equalization. Why should they? All we have here is a bunch of Premiers getting together to collectively whine about not having enough money.

So the provinces that are now reaping the benefits of sky high oil prices are learning that if they scream loud enough they can make a killing and get their hand out at the same time.

And while the politicians squabble over the prime rib, taxpayers are begging at the table, hoping against hope they can catch a break at tax time. Cause after all, they didn't get what they bargained for either.

Anonymous said...

The other perspective is that no Canadian PM cannot simply unilaterally cancel a duly, signed Accord with two of its provinces.

Kirk, if Harper didn't believe in equalization, what would you call the extra $9 billion he placed in Quebec's coffers in Budget 2007.

Sad, sad days for Canada... However, what goes around will come around, and "Conservatives" would be smart to re-think all of their scheming.

Anonymous said...

Money for people, not governments!
That's my stance on equalization.