Thursday, June 28, 2007

Freedom Daze

The Fraser Institute recently announced June 20th was Tax Freedom Day.

Tax Freedom Day is the day, when according to the Fraser Institute, "Canadians have paid off the total tax bill imposed on them by government and can finally start working for themselves."

Now, I think Tax Freedom Day is a great concept, so great, in fact, that should be extended to other issues.

For instance, here are some additional "Freedom Days" we should implement:

David Suzuki Freedom Day
This would be a day when nobody pestered us about climate change. We could run our air conditioners at full blast; idle our cars with reckless abandon; and leave incandescent light bulbs burning all night.

Fiscal Imbalance Freedom Day
On this glorious day no provincial premier would be permitted to whine about how they need more tax dollars. This, of course, would leave most of them speechless.

Rosie O’Donnell Freedom Day
No explanation needed.

Blame Bush Freedom Day
Wouldn't it be great if for one day a year, U.S. President George Bush could not be blamed for anything? Well on Blame Bush Freedom Day, he couldn't be blamed for such things as global warming or international terrorism or for the fact that sometimes your lawn mower won't start.

Reality Programming Freedom Day
Imagine if you turned on your TV and no where on the dial was there a program featuring "real people" in totally unreal situations. No battling to survive on islands, no beautiful babes trying to ensare some dopey hunk, nobody racing anywhere. Just good old fashioned mindless television.

I'm not asking for much, am I?


rondi adamson said...

What have you got against beautiful babes trying to ensnare dopey hunks?

Anonymous said...

In Ontario we could also have Blame Mike Harris Freedom Day

Anonymous said...

I'd be very sad if beautiful babes didn't ensnare dopey hunks. :)

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't we blame Bush for his uncountable failures? It's not like he's a conservative, or even a right-winger; why waste your time defending him!?

NB taxpayer said...

I knew he was behind my lawnboy malfunction. ;-)