Thursday, June 21, 2007

Democracy Institute

Here's some exciting news.

The Democracy Institute, an international public policy group, has granted me the title of Senior Fellow.

While this is not a paying job, as a Senior Fellow I will play a leading role in designing the institute's research agenda, oversee particular projects and speak publicly onbehalf of the institute through the press and broadcast media.

The Democracy Institute, which has offices in Washington D.C. andLondon, England, serves to further public education through the production and dissemination of accessible commentary and scholarship.

In my capacity as a Senior Fellow, I will represent the DemocracyInstitute here in Canada and also bring a Canadian perspective on politics to an international audience.I am looking forward to a long association with a group which helps to encourage rational debate around the world.


NB taxpayer said...

Congratulations are in order.

Brian said...

Congratulations Gerry, a nice addition to the resume.

Road Hammer said...

Well done, and don't let up.

Anonymous said... less person on EI. hahaha.