Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Republican Race

Want the latest on the Republican presidential nomination race?

Well this just came to me from my good friends at the American polling firm McLaughlin and Associates:

"Since our last national poll conducted in April for Citizens United, there has been significant movement among likely Republican voters on the Presidential primary ballot. Rudy Giuliani’s support has decreased by 4 points from 28% to 24%, while Fred Thompson’s support has risen five points from 13% to 18%. Support for John McCain (16%/17%), Mitt Romney (8%/7%) and Newt Gingrich (6%/5%) remains consistent with the April results.

Among moderate Republicans, Thompson’s support has increased by 14 points (4% to 18%), while Giuliani’s support has decreased significantly (37% to 29%). McCain (19% to 16%) and Romney (8% to 3%) have also lost support among moderate Republicans. Giuliani shows a slight loss among conservative Republicans (25% to 22%), while Thompson (16% to 18%), McCain (14% to 16%) and Romney (8% to 10%) show slight gains."

You can get more detailed results here.

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Anonymous said...

Fred Thompson looks like the Republican messiah right now but his ratings will go down a little bit once he gets placed under a little more scrutiny...I don't know whether Jesus himself could win as a Republican in 2008.

It'll be interesting to see if Ron Paul runs as an independent.