Friday, July 07, 2006

Viva Italia

I have decided to root for Italy on Sunday to win the World Cup.


Because who wants to see France win anything?


Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I am cheering for Italy simply because the last time they won the cup was 1982 while France was 1998. I actually like France, it is a great country to visit and the people are very nice. And so what if they are more left wing, thats their own business. And as for being anti-American, no more so than most countries including Canada. In fact anti-Americanism if anything has a much longer and deeper history here in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Can we interest you in a kitten Miles?
Where on earth in Gerry's post, or any of the others here did you get an "anti-American" thread?

Tell us really, what Liberal planet your on that seems to have only one channel.

Anonymous said...

As long as Miles and the Liberals continue on in la-la land Harper, Conservatives and Canada have nothing to worry about. No amount of re-jigging of the Liberal profile will change the mindset of the majority of Liberals who think as Miles does. For a peek into just how much "alike" Harper and Bush REALLY are NOT have a read of Lorrie Goldstein's column in Sunday's Sun. Kind of shoots Lunn's theory all to hell doesn't it?

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

Actually Anonymous, many Canadians agree with my views and I think the Liberals have a great chance at coming back. Canada is not a right wing nation. We are a centrist nation that is fiscally conservative but socially progressive. Anti-Americanism runs very deep in Canada and has existed since the American Revolutionary War and will likely continue to exist for the forseeable future.

TonyGuitar said...

Hmmm, A Bridgit Bardot kitten in it*s prime is nice.

Icoholic, A yoyo avatar?

This you will find interesting..

A security Q&A about Canada with Moderate Muslim leader Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi.