Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Talking like a conservative

In response to this Jeffrey Simpson column in yesterday's Globe and Mail, I wrote the following letter to the editor, which was published today:

The Stephen Harper I knew and worked with during his time as president of the National Citizens' Coalition was a vehement proponent of lower taxes, smaller government and individual freedom.

Now that he is starting to talk like a true conservative again, I hope he starts to govern like one, too.

Gerry Nicholls, former vice-president, National Citizens’ Coalition


Anonymous said...

I won't be making any more donations until they seriously try to remove the long gun registry OR introduce real senate reform, ideally proportional representation. Even if it costs them their minority.

Anonymous said...

Harper is simply playing to the base. An election is coming, he knows he has no chance at a majority so it's all about getting out the base to stay in power. So he trots out past unfulfilled Tory promises: tough on crime, minimum sentences, Senate reform, immigration reform which have been around for years. Before long I expect he will promise to never raid seniors' hard earned income trust investments.

AToryNoMore said...

There is no way the conservatives can get rid of the gun registry.

There are too many international agreements like UN 55/255. Read the articles. You can google UN 55/255

The conservatives promised to get rid of the expensive long gun registry not the long gun registry.

The RCMP were recently posting on their website that the firearms and vehicle registrations numbers are uplinked to Interpol to help police around the worl tackle stolen guns and cars.