Sunday, July 12, 2009

Harper channels Layton

Here's Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper at a G 8 news conference denouncing "unregulated capitalism."

Unregulated capitalism?

What country in the world has unregulated capitalism? Let me know and I'll move there.

Oh and besides demonizing capitalism, Harper also endorses the idea of "global governance."

So I guess he wants bureaucrats in Europe setting Canada's fiscal policies.

Isn't that just the kind of lefty internationalist stance you would expect from "cosmopolitan", "just visiting", non-true Canadian Michael Ignatieff?

I bet the guy who advised Harper to give that answer is the same guy who advised him on Catholic protocol.

H/T Kalim


Tym_Machine said...

Politicians are ALL the same, party names are just stupid LABELS to lure people to vote for this or that particular party.

Nonetheless, Harper looks less dumb when he speaks English then when he is speaking French. In English, he sounds like he knows what he is talking about when he probably doesn't whereas in French, he sounds like some cheap car dealer who decides he is going to do the publicities of the company himself to save some money: basically awful and boring.

Anonymous said...

Unregulated capitalism is just a code word for we need more government employees. Hold on to your wallets.

dupmar said...

Plenty of countries in Africa have unregulated capitalism, but I doubt you would want to live there. It's a fair description of the condition of many third world countries.

Given the Pope's latest submission on the issue and Harper's recent visit, I suspect if Harper was channeling anyone, it was concerns expressed by the Pope.